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Matthew "Mattman" Harris

Were the Beatles making fun of people with speech impediments?


As a child of the 80's I was so pissed when Coca Cola decided to change the formula.  You remember it right?  They decided, hmmm ok we've been in business for like a million years and made a billion dollars let's just change everything.  And new Coke sucked.  It sucked outloud.  It sucked so bad that if I was in a burning house with Jeff Lewis Neal and New Coke, believe it or not I would save Jeff.  Seriously.  It tasted like battery acid.  America revolted!  It was the first time since the end of the Civil War so we all stood together and said Ok Coke you f'd up and you better fix it.  As a country we hate change. 

Netflix pulled a New Coke this week.  Like a drug pusher they lured us in with the illusion of great new release movies streaming through our game consoles plus we could get one actual DVD a month for less than $10.  Then just like a coke dealer giving you just a taste, the quality of movies went down.  One by one these movies disappeared and were replaced with flicks that got even worse reviews than Neato Mosquito.  Then the price went up.  Then it went up again.  So a bunch of their customers said screw this, we're out.  And Netflix pulled a New Coke and introduced Quikster, which is kinda like Netflix but not really and it kinda makes sense but then again, not really.

Attention corporate america and big wig decision makers, America doesn't really like change.  We might pretend we do when a man full of charisma with a superb marketing team makes it the catchphrase of the summer and it's the hip thing to do.  But down deep we really don't. 

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09/22/2011 12:04PM
Were the Beatles making fun of people with speech impediments?
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