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Saturday Tessa drug me to some baby shower in Spartanburg for one of her coworkers at St. Luke's Hospital.  The payoff was they actually had some decent finger foods including meatballs and cocktail weiners!  NOM!

Since we were already going to be in Spartanburg, Tessa had her mom and some friends of the family meet us for a movie and some dinner.  When we left the shower, we stopped by Old Navy so I could grab a couple of pair of winter pants before meeting them at the theater to see the new Ben Stiller/Eddie Murphy comedy Tower Heist.  I enjoyed the film about as much as I had expected to although, at one point in the film, I thought it was going to turn out disappointing but the resolution turned out rather enjoyable.

After the movie, the whole group ran by Barnes and Noble to kill some time before our reservation at Kanpai of Tokyo.  Tessa picked up a couple of books on crocheting and I found a Darth Vader Star Wars Monster Mash-Up Bobblehead!

When we got to Kanpai, I was shocked to see that our cook was a very elderly Asian gentleman who moved rather slowly at first which worried me just a bit as I was afraid my face was gonna be burned off!  As it turned out, he was actually pretty good at working the hibachi grill!

Tessa had to work Sunday so that left me going to church by myself.  I then met my Aunt Pat at Ryan's for dinner then we stopped by and visited my mom.

After visiting with the fam, I stopped by my office armed with my new bobblehead as well as some other trinkets of mine and rearranged my desk.  I even brought my old mini METALLICA Master of Puppets stage and set it up but, as I did so, a bird flew into my office.  I put my project on pause and chased the bird into the loading bay where I hoped it would find its way back outside.

After that, it was time to go home and do some laundry!

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11/08/2011 1:11PM
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