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Customer Support

Three words that make me cringe every time I hear them..."Charter tech support".  Anyone who has or has had Charter knows what I'm talking about.  How does a company get away with providing such a mockery to the word "support".

I called them because I've had a consistent problem with some of my HD channels pixelating.  Sometimes it's a small annoyance, sometimes the problem makes blocks the program altogether.  After 25 minutes of automated support I finally reached someone (who of course could barely speak English) who proceeded to tell me that "sometimes the sun's rays affect the satellite" -- REALLY?  Finally after another 30 minutes being on the phone we set up an appointment for a crew to come to my apartment and investigate and promised they'd be bringing me a brand new box.

The crew showed up with 20 minutes left in the appointment window, and predictably, couldn't replicate the problem and left without doing anything.  Now I get to wait until this happens again and call them back out.  What happened to "yes sir, we'll take care of it" and have that be it?

10/10/2012 6:35PM
Customer Support
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