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Remember in 'Office Space' when Tom Smykowski interviews with the Bob's for his job?  Tom gets flustered and angry when they ask him, "So, what would you say you do here?" and "Why can't the customers just go straight to the software people"?  He replies, "Look, I already told you, I deal with the g*ddamn customers so the engineers don't have to".

That's how I feel right about now, why can't the customers talk directly to the service techs?  I just spent another hour of my life trying to locate a popping sound coming from underneath my Jeep.  I've probably spent at least an hour on three separate occasions at Tire Kingdom (who installed my lift kit) and three separate occasions at Big O Dodge trying to figure it out.  Each one of them saying, "we can't figure it out, must be the other guy's fault".  I just left TK, and after an hour they came out and said, "well we can't figure it out, we can't make it do what you're saying it does, your lift kit is fine, might be your drive line, take it back to Big O where that service is under warranty".  So, naturally I say, "why don't you hop in the car with me and I'll show you".  10 seconds in, it does it and the customer service rep (not the tech) goes, "OOOOH, NOW I HEAR IT, yeah!"  And of course, by that time I had to leave.

Instead of spending an hour going around in circles trying to figure out what I was saying, they could've just asked me and been on point in less than 10 seconds.

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07/31/2012 5:51PM
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