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Want chicks? Do this (apparently)

Morgan Spurlock, the 'Supersize Me' guy has a new documentary coming out...apparently guys are supposed to be manscaping now more than ever.  Here are the five rules they gave for keeping yourself together (and ultimately getting laid):

1.  Shave or wax your back, but keep it a secret...let it be a mystery like, "honey where'd all that hair go?"

2.  Don't shave your chest, but if you have some freaky Austin Powers thing going on...you might want to trim.

3.  Never go completely bald in your nether regions.  Apparently it makes women think you're trying too hard.

4.  Don't shave your face on the weekends...chicks dig stubble.

5.  If you're not a cyclist or swimmer never EVER shave your arms or legs.

Still I don't know what the big deal is...Tom Selleck never manscaped and my mom still watches Magnum P.I. every night.

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05/16/2012 9:14PM
Want chicks? Do this (apparently)
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