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This weekend was the kind of weekend I long for: lazy and unproductive!  Okay, okay, I DID hit the polls and the gym on Saturday but that was about it!  It's really good to have a weekend like that every once in a while so I don't get burned out!  Tessa and I spent the remainder of the weekend plopped in front of the TV and watched various crap including The Human Centipede and The Help (ironically we watched those two back-to-back in that order!).

Surprisingly, we didn't find Centipede nearly as disturbing as we had thought although I have heard that the second film is far worse!  The Help, on the other hand, we enjoyed very much and I was pleased to hear of all the Oscar nominations it has received: Best Picture, Best Actress in a Leading Role (Viola Davis) and TWO Best Actresses in a Supporting Role (Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastain)!

The bad part about a weekend such as that is having to go back to work on Monday but, thankfully, band practice is on Tuesday nights so I have something to look forward to during the first part of the week!  So last night me and the guys met up after I got off work and I was extra excited about this week because my new Gallien-Krueger amp had just come in.  Our guitarist Moon got there early to set up my new amp for me so it would be ready to rock when I got there.  However, my hopes were dashed upon arrival as Moon quickly informed me that the amp wasn't working properly.  The sound was all distorted leading us to believe that there is a short in the wiring around the control knobs.  As it stands, I am waiting to hear back from the guy that sold me the amp on eBay....

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01/25/2012 12:38PM
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