Twisted Todd
Has anyone seen Twisted Todd? We haven't seen him in HOURS. He's out looking for his pen.

Twisted Todd


Friday night after work, Rebecca and I made an appearance at Ground Zero for the Uncle Jim Memorial Show.  We got there just in time to catch GHOST IN THE MACHINE take the stage for the first time in several months.  They put on a great set playing some of their new material from their upcoming disc.  FROM TOMORROW played next and then we stayed long enough to catch a portion of STRAIGHT LINE STITCH's set before calling it a night. Saturday I made a return trip to Rutherford County, NC and went to see some SWA wrestling action at the armory in Forest City along with Burket and his wife Jackie.  We mingled with some folks and promoted our show coming up on the 7th since Mill Spring is just down the road.  Burket and Jackie left a little early to go check out The Ultimate Basement, the venue we are playing on the 7th while I left shortly thereafter with a couple of friends from the area and hit Denny's in Spindale.  We rallied some folks to come out and join us and I even posted it on facebook to see who we could get to come out. Afterwards, on my way home, I drove around Chesnee, SC trying to find one of SWA's wrestlers Wicked's house since he always throws killer parties after their matches.  I've only been once and I was riding with someone else so I couldn't find my way!  I seriously drove around and around for an hour and a half!  And Wicked wasn't answering his phone!  Oh well, it happens when ya party hard! Sunday was my cousin Ray's baby shower as he and his wife Erin are welcoming their second child (a GIRL!) in late August.  Not much to say because it was a baby shower, an event most men don't attend but I am close with my cousin so THERE! After work Monday I had band practice at Burket's house since our drummer Leman is on vacation.  Afterwards, I met up with a facebook friend named Tessa I had just recently started 'talking' to.  We hung out until like 5 in the morning because time just seemed to melt away!  I'm excited because I haven't connected with someone like that in quite some time! Needless to say, I was rather exhausted due to lack of sleep but I pressed on regardless and then went out to catch the sneak preview of Dinner For Schmucks starring Steve Carell and Paul Rudd.  The movie is about a guy trying to move up in the corporate world and is invited to a dinner where a bunch of high class jerks each bring an idiot 'friend' to make fun of and to see who can find the biggest idiot.  The film was an absolute riot!  Definitely go! Dinner For Schmucks   m/  m/  m/  m

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07/28/2010 7:10AM
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