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UFC Might be Fixed

This past saturday on the UFC's latest ppv with Silva vs Sonnen 2, things didnt seem to go "well" lets just say.  It was almost as scripted as what I do on the weekends.  Its no secret, wrestling is fixed however alot of people want to believe that ufc and boxing are as real as it gets.  Well not exactly.  For instance with silva vs sonnen 2, by looking at the footage with the slip from sonnen, he continues to look at silva almost waiting for him to come get him and deliver the knee to "knock him out" so where silva could deliver punches that were not even connecting then the ref stops the fight, however if you remember the fight with lesnar and carwin when lesnar is getting pummeled with fists that are connecting, the fight is not stopped cause lesnar cant defend himself.  Seems to me that there will be another silva vs sonnen where the argument will be "I slipped".  Its all entertainment and for those who believe that its real, start paying attention and you will see exactly what im talking about.

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People : Silva vs Sonnen

07/11/2012 10:24AM
UFC Might be Fixed
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