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Tis The Season

During headlines this past week here are a few of my favorite holiday stories.
The first story was about Mall Santa’s who are trying to lower kid's expectation because of the lousy economy. The Santa’s Claus School in Michigan is providing tainting to teach prospective Santa’s to quickly size up a family's financial status.  That way, they can lower expectations for the kids that sit on their lap...because their parents may not be able to afford what they ask for.  They are taught to say "Santa's cutting back too." They are also trained to handling tough request like, Can you help get my Daddy a job? 
 How hard is it for retailers during a lousy economy?  Check out the latest figures from The National Association of Shoplifting Prevention. I was shocked to find out that one out of every eleven people who walks into a store shoplifts something. Shoplifting is up 6% compared to last year. So, think of the crowds at Christmas time. This year retailers are set to lose $119 Billion this year to shoplifting. That's 1.45% of the total sales.
Here is the breakdown: 
Only 3% of shoplifters are professionals.
70% of althea shoplifters didn't go to the store planning to steal merchandise, but decided takes something.
75% of shoplifters are adults, and most of them have jobs. 35% of shoplifters have help from a corrupt employee.
Did you hear about Leatrice Ann Eng?   (“Grinch”) She is a teacher from New York, who angered a lot of parents when she reportedly told a classroom of second-graders that Santa Claus doesn't exist.  She is a teacher at Nanuet's Elementary School. On Tuesday, Leatrice was teaching a geography lesson , when her 7 year old students said they knew about the North Pole because that is where Santa lives.  She responded by telling the children that Santa did not exist and presents were bought by their parents.  She has since apologized to the parents.
This is my favorite picture from last year.  Merry Twisted Christmas.

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12/04/2011 9:50PM
Tis The Season
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