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The path to the White House has changed a littel bit

 I still don't get how people running for president manage to be dumb enough to talk themselves right out of the race.

I like to think we took an active part in Michele Bachmann talking herself right out of the Republican race earlier this year with all her misspoken and historically inaccurate comments. She's said so many stupid things she could be Joe Biden.

Rick Perry did it to himself in a similar manner. They gave him a live microphone and the whole campaign blew up in his face. And it couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

Now it's up to Herman Cain and he isn't letting down the audience of cynical types who love watching this stuff happen. He is letting down himself, his campaign and his supporters, but at the same time he has become a champion of people who wouldn't vote for him anyway!

Also the pizza sucks. It's some of the worst pizza I've ever tried and Lord knows I've tried them all.

I feel kinda bad for Herman Cain. It's clear he wound up getting into a game he did not fully understand or comprehend. I think the water was a little too hot and a little deeper than he thought it would be when he got tied up in running for president.

So Mitt Romney remains! The guy who sat back, kept his mouth shut, and let the competition beat themselves so he didn't have to.

That's the new way to win the nomination. Don't do anything. Brilliant!

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11/03/2011 7:29AM
The path to the White House has changed a littel bit
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