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The legend grows!

Man I've been loving baseball season this year. It's the last season for Chipper Jones, who has long been a hero of mine. He's been so good for so long. Often injured, but never down for very long. And when he's able to pick up a bat and walk to the plate, he can always hit the ball.
He's never been mired in a slum for half a season and he's never gone out and put up numbers like Dan Uggla did for the Braves during the first half of last year.
Chipper has been consistent, and last night he was great.
It was like a football game on the scoreboard. A 15-13 final for the Braves and Phillies, and magically punctuated by Chipper's home run to walk off after 11 innings of baseball.

I've always been a big baseball guy. It's probably my game of choice if there's no fighting on. The Braves are my team and Chipper is one of the 3-4 best players in the history of the team. I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that I may not be as big a baseball fan when I can't turn on my TV 162 times a year and watch Chipper play ball like I've gotten to do for the past 20 years.

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05/03/2012 11:32AM
The legend grows!
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