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The Pussification Of America-Scene 2: The kids of America

Hey guys- The Pussification Of America-Scene 2: The Kids of America Our generation (meaning Generation X) will be the last of it's kind. And I'm totally good with that. I'm glad to be part of the defining generation. What the hell are you talking about Maffew? Well, I shall explain and I shall. The sport of baseball goes out with our generation. Not professional ball exactly, but in a way yes. My parents (the baby boomer generation) grew up with baseball as America's past time. It is now football. And of course around here, the national past time is high school football-but I'm talking nationally. But back to baseball, when I was a kid I played little league baseball. I played for the San Souci Paladins (yeah we ripped off Furman.) Every kid in my neighborhood played on the team. And when we didn't have games, we practiced until dark. Jesus, I feel like Kevin Arnold from The Wonder Years narrating his life. But it was true. We played baseball and loved the hell out of it. Now, kids don't like baseball. They want to play soccer. And that's cool. Not making fun of soccer kids, in fact I'm a big fan of soccer moms. But this is the little league Soccer Generation. We played to win. If we lost, we were pissed and usually so were our Dads. It taught me life lessons. Play hard. Some sensitive types say, "Oh Maffew, you can't get down on your kids if they don't win." I'm not saying you ground them or spank their ass, but look at it like this is your kid gets a D on their Algebra test, you'd probably sit down with them and figure out how to get a C. Team sports gave me friends for life because we struggled to win together. And as a former football player at Wade Hampton, I can tell you I know the struggle. Today, in some leagues, they don't even keep score! Because that would be calling a kid a LOSER. How are these kids supposed to be raised to think everybody wins. In a perfect world, everybody would be super rich, awesome healthcare, 4 day weekends, etc, etc. But that's not life. It's the Pussification of America, people! When we're not making them get off the PS3 to go outside and play-we're telling them now matter what, you're a winner! But they're nnnnnnnnnnnnot! It will great affect them when they hit high school and go into college and eventually the infamous "real world." And think about this: How can Shawn Michaels be in Degeneration X when he's a baby boomer? Tickle It Guys, -Maffew-

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12/03/2009 9:30AM
The Pussification Of America-Scene 2: The kids of America
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12/06/2009 12:17AM
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