Jeff Lewis Neal

The End of an Era

Just yesterday it was officially the end of an era.  Yesterday was my fathers last day on the job as a high school teacher.  Now I know many people would say "who cares" but theres alot more that goes into it than just him retiring.  There is alot more to the reason as to why he is not there anymore.  A couple of years ago my father was diagnosed with parkinsons disease. His hands shake uncontrollably and sometimes cant control any type of movement.  My father was given an ultimatum on his coaching career where he became the winningist coach in the schools history, either he can retire from coaching honorably or they can fire him and it will be an embarrassing situation for him.  So my father decided to do the right thing for himself and decide to retire honorably as he should.  The team that he coached hasnt been the same since.  I was asked if I would be interested in the position of coaching said team by the head of athletics there and a meeting was scheduled on a wednesday.  The next thursday was our meeting where I showed up early for our meeting and that person proceeded to stay on his cell phone talking about things that werent necessarily important like chat rooms, food, and rankings in other states.  While waiting for him to finish his conversation that lasted for 15 minutes with his assistant coach he  hangs up and asks me "how can I help you". Then says there is no position vailable after they asked me to come in for a meeting about said position.  So after that my father falls down stairs at his employment due to the parkinsons and got injured in the process having to miss 3 weeks of work.  He was told that he could file for workmans comp which he did and was granted the workmans comp.  Since that time my father wasnt treated fairly at all.  He went into work, did his job well, and was constantly bothered by the person in charge. Leading into the new year, my father asked people in charge if for the big fundraiser of the year if myself and Mattman   could come back to where we went and get people to come and donate for the cause and he was told "were not interested". My father who had accompolished so much as a coach there was outcasted. Leading into the holiday season my father was told that his contract wasnt going to be renewed, however my father got the last laugh when his doctor retired him cause of the disease.  In  a way my father went out in honor and not dishonor like these people tried to do.  To a man that coached me to 2 state wrestling titles, thank you so very much and your legacy as the best coach in that schools history ever will never be forgotten. And to the place that tried to get the last laugh, how does it feel to lose AGAIN?      

12/20/2012 10:25AM
The End of an Era
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