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Twisted Todd


With Hurricane Sandy brining in all the cold, windy weather, shower time has become a moment of bittersweet bliss while getting ready for work!  Granted, getting out sucks major....uh, well let's just say frozen grapes, cold marbles - you get the idea!

ANYWAYS, that actually has nothing to do with the remainder of this edition of Twisted Thoughts.  I just love the header!

Tessa had to work on Saturday so I spent the day watching football (and, yes, I saw Lattimore's devastating injury!) and playing a LOT of Lego Star Wars!

Sunday, however, Tessa and I got up early and went to pick up my mom and Aunt Pat and took them down to Columbia for their first ever trip to Riverbanks Zoo.  We had a great time and Mom especially loved feeding the giraffes and checking out one of my favorite exhibits, the penguins!

After the zoo, we stopped at Fazoli's for some Italian fast food since we don't have one in Greenville anymore at least not that I am aware of.

After our late lunch, we made our way back to Simpsonville to drop my mom off at her car then Aunt Pat, Tessa and I hit Target so Aunt Pat could get us some cookware as a housewarming gift and we could get my cousin Ray and his wife Erin a gift for their upcoming baby shower.  I managed to nab myself yet another t-shirt since it had an AT-AT crossing some railroad tracks that were aptly labeled "AT-AT CROSSING"!  Yeah, I'm a total Star Wars geek!  I'm not sure if I love my new tee or if Tessa loves her new Rachel Ray cookware more!


Tessa took advantage of having Monday off so she ran to the grocery store to get some stuff to make some seasonal cupcakes for me and my coworkers.  On her way home, she nearly hit a very pregnant Golden Retriever.  Being the animal lover that she is, she loaded the poor creature into her car then called me for advice.  Since we had just adopted a dog from Greenville Humane Society, I suggested that she take her there.  Tessa left her contact information so, if she isn't adopted soon, we will take her to Foothils Golden Retrieve Rescue.  Who wouldn't want this sweetie?!


Since she had spent much of her day with the abandoned dog, Tessa didn't have much time for carving pumpkins outside of baking cupcakes so she only got to one....but it was a GOOD one considering it was her first attempt at a rather complicated two-in-one Jack-O-Lantern!


By the time I got home from Platinum Plus, she had pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and caramel drizzle waiting on me!  How did I get to be so lucky?


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10/31/2012 2:50PM
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