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And, no, I'm NOT referring to my autographed Jesse James Dupree chainsaw but, speaking of which, here it is....AGAIN!

No, rather I am referring to the new movie Texas Chainsaw.  Since Tessa had the whole weekend off for a change, we decided to do a little shopping Friday night and took in a movie since we hadn't done so in a while.  Originally, she wanted to see the new Tarantino flick Django Unchained but changed her mind after hearing some negative reviews from some of her coworkers which was a wise move since she doesn't tend to care for the rather slow, dialogue intensive pace of his films.

We opted to go see a fun horror film that wouldn't require much thought.  And, boy, is that what we got!  As I said earlier today in a Facebook discussion with my cousin's husband, Soup, the film was riddled with terrible acting, lackluster special effects, weak ass story line chock full of holes and NO NUDITY!!!!  Granted I was not expecting Oscar worthy performances out of the actors but I was hoping for something along the lines of last year's Cabin in the Woods which was amazing despite the usual intentionally bad acting!  The big problem I had with the plot was that the main character is supposed to be the daughter of one of the members of the original Sawyer family that was executed shortly after the events of the original 1974 film.  This would make her older than I am as the townspeople who hunted down the family in the 70s, too, would have been significantly older in 2012 which is when this film is set.  The only thing the filmmakers did to 'fix' this problem was to obscure the date of the events following the original film by having grass or weeds cover gravestones and newspapers cropped out of camera view.  Don't worry, this isn't much of a spoiler as all of this is pretty transparent from the beginning of the film.

Needless to say I wouldn't recommend this film unless you thought Jason X was a masterpiece of horror!  I hope the remake of Evil Dead is MUCH better!

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01/15/2013 2:34PM
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