How about a 93 minute Rock Block??! It eliminates the itch and covers blotchiness.

Twisted Todd


I have been successfully whisked away to TV Land with the installation of my new 70" LED 3D 240 Hz flat screen smart TV!  The good folks known as the Geek Squad from Best Buy mounted the big boy last Thursday and ran the cables, wires and such into the wall.  I think Hollywood 20 just lost some money because my ass ain't going to the movies for a while unless it's a damn good flick!

To show it off and celebrate, I had Mom and Aunt Pat over Sunday for dinner and a movie.  Aunt Pat had been wanting to see the new Denzel Washington flick Flight so Tessa and I went and rented it the night before at Family Video down the road since we didn't want to wait on Netflix and our DirecTV had yet to be upgraded to HD (but is now as of Monday)!  The movie was good but opened with a full frontal nude scene which embarrassed the bejesus outta me even though the naked lady was none other than Nadine Velazquez (Catalina from My Name is Earl)!  Is it possible to be both humiliated and stimulated simultaneously?!

After the movie, we all followed Mom to Wally World so she could pick up a new TV of her own since her ex-boyfriend just moved out and took her 60".  Instead of paying off the 39" they were renting to own, she decided to let it go back and bought a new 40" Toshiba outright.  We loaded it into my Jeep and took it back to her apartment so I could set it up for her.  Now we both have new TVs and she has rid herself of some really bad rubbish.  FTW, bitches!

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02/27/2013 3:09PM
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03/01/2013 9:35PM
hey why dont you guys play more hinder the new sstuff kicks azz put that record on,whatch u gonna do hey ho all should be staples not just get stoned or lips of ar angel the new album WELCOME TO THE FREAKSHOW should at least be playing save me just be ready for the f bombs only 2 these guys rock hard and deserve more air play . your overlookin the next aerosmith
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