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Last Friday was very interesting for reasons more than it just being Friday the 13th!  It was also the day some of the other folks from Entercom and I went to Laurens District 55 High School to play the best sport EVER: DODGEBALL!!!! When we got there I have to admit I was disappointed with the balls they were using.  Instead of the inflated rubber balls I expected, they were kinda squishy and didn't throw very well as I discovered upon my first offensive strike.  I was poised and ready to take someone's head off and, lo, is where my ball went - LOW!  I threw it directly to the ground just a foot or so in front of me!  EPIC FAIL!!!! It also didn't help that we faced the Laurens High Wrestling team first!  They were calculated and organized whereas we, myself particularly, were all over the place and got our asses kicked.  I was being kinda cocky and began taunting the jocks so they ended up teaming up on me 3-to-1 with the third ball finally clipping my leg and outing me.  I think the whole team lasted less than two minutes of the six minute match.

We got one more shot at glory as we had an exhibition match against the coaches.  This time we got a game plan and performed considerably better.  However, we did still lose to the coaches but had a lot more fun the second time around!

My only regret is that the tournament was a one-off event.  I would love nothing more than to find a dodgeball league and play regularly and get in better shape and maybe even get good at the game!

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05/17/2011 12:02PM
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05/17/2011 12:17PM
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06/08/2011 7:44AM
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