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Well if the title isn't a mouthful, the blog itself sure is!  So here goes:

After work Friday night, Tessa and I had date night starting with a trip to Cheddar’s, the new restaurant on Woodruff Rd. Being a new restaurant on a Friday night, the place was understandably packed so we had to wait about 40-45 minutes for a table. Once seated, we scoped their rather diverse menu and I ended up having the New Orleans Pasta (ironic since Tessa is the Saints fan) with shrimp, chicken and smoked sausage on penne pasta topped with a creamy Cajun Alfredo sauce while Tessa got the Cornmeal Catfish. The food was great, reasonably priced and plentiful as we both ended up taking home leftovers!
Afterwards, we went to Regal Hollywood 20 to catch the 10:20 showing of The Thing, the prequel to the 1982 John Carpenter classic. When we got our seats, we noticed that the theater wasn’t nearly as packed as we had expected (most people were probably checking out the remake of Footloose) and that a majority of those in attendance were a bunch of punk ass teenagers. At 11, Tessa’s birth control alarm on her cell phone went off despite the phone being on silent. While she scrambled to turn it off, the rowdy teens behind us began talking smack about her disruptive phone saying it should be on silent so I quickly let them know that it was and that it was an alarm going off. At this point, the ‘leader’ of the group demanded that I calm down when, in fact, I was until this point. When I told him that I was he said that apparently I was not then demanded I turn around. Being I do not like being told what to do, I, considerably less calmly, replied “Or what?” and told him that if he had a problem we could settle it after the movie. Trying to mask the fact that he was obviously intimidated, he asked “Why do you want to fight me? I’m like 5 and you’re like 80.”
Shortly after our exchange of words, I heard what sounded to me like someone spilling their drink in the back row. Then again. At this point, Tessa told me that someone had just puked and then started to complain about the smell. We then decided to leave which sucked because the movie was just starting to get good as the first victim was getting it on the screen. Conveniently, the mouthy group behind us followed so I got to exchange a few more words with the one punk kid while we were getting rain checks at the customer service desk. We then hung around out front and waited for him to walk out of the theater and, as he did, I asked him if I still looked 80 to him. He said no but kept talking smack as he swiftly paced away towards his vehicle. I also had the luxury of riding his ass on Woodruff Rd all the way to the 385 exit.
The next morning began a much better day as I went to Big O Dodge to get an oil change and new wiper blades that were badly needed! Afterwards, we headed downtown for Fall For Greenville where I had some stage announcements at 4 on the Michelin on Main stage. We got there a little after 1 so I could check out DEATH OF PARIS from Columbia, SC whom we have featured on Upstate Unsigned.
After their set, we began our quest for food which yielded the delicious Doughnut Cheeseburger Slider from Grille 33 @ the Channel! We then grabbed some iced and frozen coffee drinks at Coffee Underground.
By then, it was time to head back to the Michelin on Main stage so I could announce JONATHAN TYLER AND THE NORTHERN LIGHTS. After their set, we killed some time shopping and hitting the Mast General Store then grabbed some dinner at Jersey Mike’s which was right next to the Stanley Hotel. The Stanley Hotel is produced by the same folks that did Gallows Hall last year which we loved so we were one of the first groups to go through the haunted house that night and enjoyed it just as much as we did last year! No chainsaws, just honest scares!
We then hit 123 and headed to The Rise Guys’ FrightFest. The first attraction we did was the House of the Dead which was a pretty good conventional haunted house whereas the Forbidden Forest was tricky to navigate as we got lost a few times but added to the fear factor! The Evil Fortune Teller was fun because he talked smack to a bunch of, thankfully, good sported teenagers. The Friday the 13th Haunted Maze was the best of the four because, towards the end, there were three different halls to go down so we started down the first and ran right into a masked figure so we turned and went down the second and ran right into the figure again. After running into him again in the third, I turned and ran back and noticed that Tessa was no longer with me. I screamed her name and then she grabbed my wrist and pulled me into yet another hallway she had found and we ran out to the end of the maze! Needless to say, we ended on a good note!
Sunday morning we made it to church sporting our jerseys (mine a red Buccaneers #5 Josh Freeman and hers a black Saints #9 Drew Brees) and then went back home to do some dishes and laundry while keeping an eye on the Carolina-Atlanta game. Then we went out to Buffalo Wild Wings to grab some food and catch the New Orleans-Tampa Bay game since it wasn’t playing on our local Fox Carolina station and we don’t have any of those fancy NFL packages. Needless to say, I was quite pleased with the outcome of the game whereas Tessa was not as she said she was going to the bathroom to slit her wrists at one point during the game!
We then finally went back to finish watching The Thing.  While we were in line to get concessions, I noticed the same punk kid I had words with Friday night in line in front of us.  We were certain he was back to finish the same movie at the same time as us but, thankfully for Tessa, that was not the case and we actually got to thoroughly enjoy it in peace! I was quite pleased with the prequel being a huge fan of the 1982 version with Kurt Russell as even it was a remake of the 1951 film The Thing From Another World or at least another adaptation of the short story “Who Goes There?” by John W. Campbell Jr.

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