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Well the adventure of moving into the new house continues and it is filled with many perils!  In the two weeks since we closed the house, I have been unable to mow the lawn for numerous reasons.  The first of which is that the lawn mower we got from Tessa's grandmother we could not get to crank so I went last week to purchase a new one from Lowe's and had them add it to the delivery with the washer and dryer scheduled to arrive that Friday.

On Friday morning, I was awakened at 7:30 by the arrival of our new living room suit I had purchased (or financed, rather - after all, I work in RADIO!!!!) at Rooms To Go the week before.  The gentlemen delivering the furniture had it set up and ready when Tessa got home after working all night so she climbed up in the big swivel chair and passed OUT!  Vader didn't mind it either!

After I left for work, the Lowe's truck arrived with the lawn mower, washer and dryer and had the latter set up and ready so that I could wash clothes this weekend.  The lawn mower was left in the box for me to assemble later.

On Saturday, Tessa and I went up to Rutherford County to move a couple of bedroom suits and other various things of hers from her mother's house.  We were scheduled to pick up a Budget truck in Forest City at 9 am so we called them after we got on the road to let them know we would arrive around 10.  Once Tessa got them on the phone, they informed her that a truck had been stolen and that they did not have a truck for us so she called the national number and one of their customer service reps told her that they would locate a truck and call her back.

Once we got to her mother's house, she got a call informing her that they had located a truck in Spartanburg.  So we had to get back on the road and go halfway back home to pick the truck up.  On a positive note, we got a free upgrade from a 10' truck to a 16' truck which, as it turns out, we needed!  I left my Jeep at the pickup site so I wouldn't have to drive back to NC and we could pick it up on the way home.

When we got the truck back to her mom's house, I was pleased to see that her mom had enlisted the help of another strong arm by the name of Daniel which was a godsend since we had to move some very heavy items up a hill since Tessa lived downstairs on the basement level.

After we finally got the truck loaded, her mom took us out for a late lunch and then we went by to see her grandfather at the nursing home before heading back to SC.

When we got back on the road, I called my mom to let her know we were on the way so she, her fiance and my Aunt Pat could help us load in.  When we got to the house, Mom informed me that her fiance Mark had bailed leaving Tessa and me to do all the heavy lifting while Mom and Aunt Pat unloaded smaller loads and helped put things together and in place as well as gave them a much needed dusting.

After unloading the truck, Tessa and I still had to run by the apartment and get all the heavy and larger items in the truck to take to the house.

After grabbing some food and making a quick stop by the House in Simpsonville, we got the truck dropped off in Mauldin at 1:30 am!

After getting a handful of hours of sleep, we got up and went to church to do our monthly duties there then hit the grocery store to grab some 'high efficiency' laundry detergent since the new washer calls for it.  Mom and Aunt Pat met us at the house to do some work around the house and in the yard.  It was at this point that I decided to set up the lawn mower and cut the grass.  I got the mower out of the box, adjusted the handle, put gas and oil in it, then went to pull the cord on the motor only to realize that it was dented in and wouldn't budge.

Extremely irate, I loaded the mower into my Jeep then took it back to the Lowe's on Woodruff Rd to exchange it for one that wasn't beat all to hell only to discover that they did not have any more.  The sales associate from the lawn and garden department told me that the Simpsonville store had some in stock according to their inventory records so I drove down to Simpsonville only to find that those were actually in transit on their way to the store.  So, on Monday morning I called the Lowe's in Simpsonville to see if the mowers had arrived and, thankfully, they had so I went down there to pick one up and took it home before going to work.

After work, I went straight home to mow the lawn while I still had an hour or so of daylight left.  During the day, Tessa informed me that the other garage door opener had arrived since we had only had one and I left it with Tessa.  So Tessa placed it on a table in the kitchen for me to get when I arrived home to cut the grass.  So, I pulled up in the driveway and went to unlock the front door only to discover that Tessa had left the chain lock on it as she went out through the garage.  So, I spent the last bit of daylight driving up to North Greenville Hospital to get her garage door opener so I could get in the house.

And the grass continues to grow....

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08/14/2012 2:04PM
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