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This weekend was a decidedly more laid back weekend for Tessa and myself.  After work we went to go see my Aunt Tina in the hospital who had taken a nasty fall the previous Monday.  She had just come out of surgery to relieve some swelling on her spine so she was quite out of it when we went back to see her.  Her daughter Tonya had come up from Myrtle Beach so I got to see her and her husband Soup for a little while.

After the hospital, we decided to go ahead and get grocery shopping out of the way so we hit Walmart where I picked up a copy of The Muppets on Blu-ray.  On our way out, we ran through the produce department and Tessa spotted a container of kumquats.  Since she had never actually seen kumquats before, her curiosity was aroused so she bought a package of the tiny citrus fruits.  As it turns out, they taste like a cross between an orange and a lemon which works for Tessa since she LOVES lemons and is allergic to oranges though, so far, she hasn't had an allergic reaction from the kumquats.  Not for me, personally!

The next morning I got a text from my guitarist in SLAVEDRIVER, Moon informing me that his dad had lost his fight with pancreatic cancer that morning at 5:30.  His visitation was last night so I went to pay my respects and show my support for the family.  Regrettably Tessa was unable to accompany me because she had to work and I am unable to attend the service which is in progress as I write this.  However, I am able to share Bryan Moon's obituary here so feel free to go and sign the guestbook and give your condolences to the Moon family.

Shortly after receiving the unfortunate news, I had to get up and make my way to Spartanburg for the Electronics Expo and Sale's Sale of the Century.  There was a HUGE selection of name brand electronics on sale and the turnout was great.

Since we were in Spartanburg, we stopped by and visited her grandmother and Aunt Cheryl then went by a couple of the houses we had looked at on Wednesday that we had really liked.  The search will continue on Thursday and hopefully we will be selecting a house soon!

Sunday was the usual laundry day but we also decided to catch a matinee showing of the new teen-based blockbuster The Hunger Games based on the book of the same name.  Tessa is a big fan of both the Twilight and Harry Potter books and films although she has never read The Hunger Games series.  Needless to say, she is definitely considering it since we both actually really enjoyed the film.  I've never read the Harry Potter books but I like the films and just tolerate the Twilight movies but I think I can handle more from The Hunger Games franchise.  Worth a look!

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03/27/2012 3:50PM
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03/27/2012 10:31PM
MMMMM! Kumquats!
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