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Thursday night Tessa and I went out to Camelot Cinemas to catch the premiere of what is supposedly the last of Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises.  I gotta admit that I was a bit skeptic of the film since it had a tough predecessor to follow since The Dark Knight was such a great film with a legendary performance by the late Heath Ledger.  However, the film served as a great conclusion to the series although I will say that a lot of the rumors leading up to the film were a bit misleading so who knows what the future holds?

Of course, the truly unfortunate part of this film is that yet another tragedy shadows it just as Ledger's premature demise cast one on The Dark Knight.  The senseless slaughter of avid moviegoers in Colorado has sent a shockwave throughout our nation and set the political bureaucracy into an election year frenzy over gun control and violence in the film industry.  Personally, I do not own a gun nor do I have any interest in ever owning one but I do not think our 2nd amendment rights should be jeopardized. If anything, maybe we shouldn't sell guns to nut jobs!  Besides, if someone wanted you dead bad enough, there's not a whole lot one can do to prevent it if one isn't aware they are in danger.  And in a movie theater, you are literally just a sitting duck.  Could have just as well happened at Camelot Thursday night or any other theater in Greenville.  Sad but true.

On a brighter note, the little lady and I hit up Saluda River Rafting Adventures on Sunday to do some tubing.  When we got there and checked in, I put some sunblock on (SPF 50+ since I'm a ginger!) then took the bus down to the river!  The excursion down the river took about a couple of hours and included a few mishaps of each of us falling off our inner tubes:  Tessa fell off hers trying to get me off of a log that I was stuck on at the beginning and I fell off trying to reach the pick up spot at the end of the ride!

When we got dried off and back to our car, we headed back into town to pick up some food since we had skipped lunch.  So we hit up the Pizza Hut/Taco Bell express near downtown Greenville since Tessa had never been to a place where the two chains coexisted in one restaurant location.  We grabbed some tacos and personal pan pizza and some breadsticks.  Tessa helped feed me since I was driving and popped a breadstick with volcanically hot pizza sauce on the end directly into my mouth burning the crap outta my tongue!  To make matters worse, I discovered that my legs were severely burnt once we got home because I didn't think to put sunblock on them since I usually don't get burnt on my legs.  Then again I'm usually wearing baggy shorts and walking upright and NOT kicking back in an inner tube with my legs FACING the Sun!  However, Tessa gets the bigger dummy award since she decided to take the whole trip sans sunblock!  So she got a bigger burn as far as area is concerned but none of her burns were quite as severe as the ones on my legs!  Damn fair skin!

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07/24/2012 3:13PM
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07/25/2012 7:44AM
THat darn sun....
Tubing for us this weekend.. SPF 80 head to toe and I still burned as well. bleck! feel your pain feel better soon!
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