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Spoiler Alert!

Thursday night I caught the midnight premier of Iron Man 3 in IMAX 3D.  Iron Man 3 had all the familiar plot points that made parts 1 and 2 so much fun: a sociopathic, ego driven Tony Stark is on top of the world when a bad guy arrives to shatter that, shake Tony's confidence, send him and the suit back to the drawing board, and ultimately give him the opportunity to adapt and overcome to save the day.  In this installment, a flashback shows Tony snubbing a young scientist (Aldrich Killian) who teams up with an idealistic botanist working on a cellular regeneration project (think lizards who regrow their tails when injured) and uses her work for eeeevil!  Iron Man 3 does use some of the same plot devices to keep a similar feel to parts 1 and 2, but approaches them in different ways and does allude to both the Avengers and real-life threats like international terrorism.  One thing I've always liked about the Iron Man series is it's rooted in what is plausible.  All of the technology and gadgets in Tony's suits have felt like they're on the real-life horizon, however 'the Avengers' gave Iron Man 3 permission to break away from that just a bit.  Some super hero movie cliche's are all too familiar, such as the girl being captured forcing the good guy to save her.  The ending came across as a little confusing to me (without giving it away), if doing X doesn't kill the bad guy the first time, why would it kill him the second time?  The way the villain is finally defeated also poses and interesting sign of the times, but left a strange (not bad, just strange) taste in my mouth.

SURVEY SAYS: 7.5 / 10.

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05/03/2013 12:28PM
Spoiler Alert!
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