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Adam Gontier Rant on Facebook

If you're unaware, there has been a long brewing stew of discontent among the members of Three Days Grace which came to a head with founding lead singer Adam Gontier leaving the band in early 2013.  Rumor mills have been spitting out theories as to why (mostly concerning drug use, as Adam had been in rehab previously), but no one truly knew.  Adam says he's clean and sober.  Here's something he posted on his facebook page that addressed the rumors and spoke his side of his departure:

to the people that come here and attempt to get their frustration about my old band out, I have no problem with you posting your opinion of the events that took place. We all know that I have posted many things that, in retrospect, weren't necessary. (I probably still will the odd time)
BUT do NOT forget this.

You DO NOT know, no matter WHO you are, how I, or anybody in that band feels now, or have felt, over the past 5-7 years. And unless I am willing to share those feelings with you personally, you never will. There may, or may not be, a point when I feel I want to share that with you.

If you truly believe that I will return to that band, you haven't really listened to what I've said, and you need to accept what happened, and move forward. Easier said than done... I am constantly working on becoming the best person that I can be, and moving forward and not focusing on the past is hard to do, but also very necessary, when things change.

Many of you out there have decided to make reality, and decisions, out of ignorance. Many of you have chosen to just chalk everything up to... "the way Adam left was wrong and he "screwed them over", or left them "high and dry". How do you know in what manner I left that group? Were you there? Were you a part of it? You were left with "further details of Adam's departure", written by "the band", or people surrounding them. And that's where it's left. By myself as well. So I guess I can assume that we all really DO believe, whole heartedly, what we read on the Internet. What you won't see from me are "further details as to the numerous events, attitudes, and internal battles & frustration built up over years and years, that lead to Adam's departure". It's unnecessary. I know. They know. They "choose to take the high road"..., If you feel a need to tell people again and again that you're taking the "high road".., I'm sorry, but truth is, you're already ON the low road. When you feel as though you have to tell, and explain to thousands of people on a daily basis, that you're a good person, chances are... you're not. You're obviously too self absorbed to realize that other people actually exist, and that they, themselves, have their own lives and problems Just Like You.
My life is good. No, actually it's f#*^n' great. I love my wife so much I miss her when she goes into the other room. I love my family, my dad, my brothers my sister, my real friends, and my beautiful dog & daughter Mabel! I'm actually playing music now with people who, first off, truly are playing music because they actually LOVE it, and LIVE for it. And by "it" I don't mean the "life of a rockstar"., I don't mean the endless amounts demands that you will always get when you are "successful"., I don't mean the money, the hotel rooms, the parties, the kiss ass DJ's, the gophers that get you toilet paper on your demand, the going to the after party club in a limo and being the one, (you think), everyone is looking at, the food brought to your bus on a paper plate backstage at a festival that you're headlining because you don't want people to see you before you go on stage and pretend (lie) to your fans that you're so f*^*n' stoked to be in their hometown, which actually MEANS something to your fans, while you don't even know what the towns name is, other than knowing that you're "somewhere close to Chicago I think". The ego. No. I don't mean the ego.
"It" is not the ego. "It" is making music. In it's TRUE form. The way it is meant to be made. With no pre conceived notions of making sure it will be catchy and under three minutes, so it'll make the radio. With no demands from your mates to write out a set list of the same 15 songs you've played every day, like a robot, just for something to do. The first show I played with my new band was amazing! Do you know why? Because we rehearsed ONCE before we played that show. We didn't know what was going to happen. We had guitars, drums and amps that we'd never used, set up behind us. No expectations. None. When we all sat down together on the day of our first rehearsal, I said to them,
"What do u guys wanna play?"
"Well, it's your call man. Whatever you think we should do"
My call? We ended up sitting down on the couches, eating some food, shootin the shit, & crackin jokes. For HOURS. We had to play our very first show together in about 36 hours. Most would consider jamming for maybe 2 out of 8 hours a waste of time. Perfect segue into an all time favorite Lennon quote:
"Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted."
(Then we broke into "Instant Karma") .... No.... We didn't. I think it was "Never Too Late". We did some Lennon later, because it was just fun to do.
I guess my point of this whole rant that I've been punching into my phone, is that there are two sides to every story. We all know that. We hear it all the time. Do we all practice it? Actually live by it in a situation such as mine? Thankfully many do. Unfortunately, even more don't.
My old band was and is pigeonholed, and always will be. For my mental health, because we all try to make sure we stay healthy, and are concerned when we feel like we aren't, I had to move on and evolve. Whether it meant crawling and scratching my way back into the ears of music fans out there or not. Didn't matter. I could not and will not, sacrifice the music that I make, that I was born with and that is "in my blood", for a false reality. Unfortunately, people find it hard to see the big picture. Writing the same songs with the same chords, with the same basic lyrical ideas and the same drop D power chords, is too easy. Once you've made it, with that formula, it's next to impossible to escape.
I am thankful every single morning I wake up, that I was able to escape.
And every morning I am even more thankful and honored that so many people get it, and are following me on this journey. It's a brand new journey with no destination. Everything happens for a reason. For some purpose. I can feel deep down, that this journey has more purpose than I could have imagined...
I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Wow. That was about 2 hours typing all of that. The perfect amount of time it took for my first upload to finally finish.
Yep. I'll post it in about 5 minutes!
And just to answer your questions that you may feel a need to ask after watching it.... Yes. I will play ANY song that I have written, or have been a part of writing, ANY time I feel like it, ANYWHERE I decide to. Cool?
I've got no regrets.
Nuff said! lol.

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05/09/2013 5:35PM
Adam Gontier Rant on Facebook
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05/14/2013 7:04AM
Three Days Grace/ Adam Gontier
I think he has a valid point. We don't know what went on, he's struggled a lot over the years, if it was even a mental health issue to get out then I don't blame him. As for playing the same songs "radio style" I'm glad he made that point. Their music has really gone down hill since the last two albums...just like all the other bands out there. Stupid cookie cutter bull. I love music and its very aggravating in these times to find decent music. Everyone I talk to hates what is played on the raido...I don't ever listen to it anymore. Versus growing up listening to hard rock for HOURS... it was with me all day...but now I just turn the radio on and say "ugh theyre playing this gay song again, guess ill just turn on my zune and listen to all the good stuff from 10-20 years ago" Im 25 and I feel this way...I'm glad Adam got out of three days grace before I really started hating that band too...which formerly used to be one of my favorites. Summer
12/08/2013 12:12PM
Save yourself, your marriage. Have a family keep playing what makes you happy. Although I will sincerely miss seeing you often, I'd rather you and your families happiness first and foremost over all. That is real life brother. You got it down.You will soar. God Bless and keep you and yours safe. With love, Kat Saulnier
12/08/2013 12:23PM
As awesome and great as your music is, I get it. How can you play the same 20 songs over and over with the same energy fun and excitement as the early days of the songs birth Impossible. I could not. Greedy Bastards can. Your not a trained monkey for Christ sakes who gets zapped for not jumping around happily And I like monkeys lol. I get it. Go be happy my good man. You and Naomi ( I believe is wifes name)Pardon if not, go live your lives your way, its the only way hugs to you two! I been around took awhile to figure out this life I think we got it down!!!!
12/23/2013 10:59AM
Adam, i love him so much, his songs he has helped me through so much i feel everyone of his songs has been what I've been through on this wicked and selfish journey we call life. But Adam is right life isn't about your destination its the journey and how you get there. So if Adam feels like he needs to change his destination and the journey to it,he can! What he is doing, leaving the band, he feels it's best for him. So guys if you really love Adam you will support his decision. No matter how much we loved TDG with Adam in it, he is doing what is best for him. And i know we think he owes us an explanation but he dosent! when he feels the need to share with us his decisions (which is not our business) then he will when he feels like it Cool? Are we good? Yall understand? Love and peace Adam! ...Isis
12/25/2013 9:26PM
I love you Adam
I think that you made the right choice if it wasn't in your heart to stay there. I hope to keep listening to 3DG AND the awsome new music you put out. In the end living a life that you happy and proud of is all that matters
07/13/2014 4:36PM
I want to say it had been great and will be great I the future listening to your new hits. I have also fought addictions and you are one of the symbols that help people struggling out there know they have a chance to stay sober! I have settled down myself with my wife and we had a little one and I am happier now than what I ever have been! I respect your decision and look forward to hearing some new songs!!
09/15/2014 12:35PM
... matt mark
I see well I've always been on Adams side but this just makes things easier he's not a sell out he's a true musician making songs about what he believes in... Keep it real man I'm on your side
11/26/2014 6:39AM
Dear Adam you are my role model
It was a smart idea leaving. You have a solo group and you still sing the same on what I see on your music. Hope you get more ideas to make terrific music
11/26/2014 11:52PM
Doug Stegall
Adam, you are truly a life changer in a very positive way. Your music, your lyrics, have helped me through some of the toughest times in my life. I know that probably sounds cliche' to you by now, but I must say that you have done a lot for people and for me, on a genuine basis. Your right, your business is your business, which is between You, Naomi, and your loved ones. I think it's prodigious that you are staying true to yourself when so many musicians in the industry have sold-out. Dude I live in Shreveport and I so regret not going to the concert here at Century-Tel back in I believe 2009 or 2010 when you were still with TDG. Hopefully, one day with your new band you'll make that trip back down to the deep Ole South.
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