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Something was missed on Friday's show

This morning's Truth and Consequences was something different and something special. It also touched on an issue larger than the one going on in the office where Marianne and Shawn work.
Marianne was mad at Shawn because he makes racist jokes. Supposedly. Now, the definition of racist seems to change from one person to another. As does the definition of joke.
Ultimately, the thing to remember is it's 2012 and no one is being oppressed in America to the point they can't have their own voice, so it probably isn't of the utmost importance for us to go looking to be offended on behalf of another group of people.
Marianne said the jokes are offensive and some other people  thought so too. Shawn said they're just jokes and they're funny and some other people think so too.
Shawn also said he had worked construction in the past with some Mexicans who thought his Mexican jokes were funny. Then he questioned why the white people in his all-white office would be offended on behalf of people who weren't there to be offended or unoffended.
A lot of this is in the eye of the beholder. It's up to you to be offended or unoffended. But is it up to you to do something about it in every case? In any case? Maybe not. Probably not. I'm gonna just say no.

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01/09/2012 7:23AM
Something was missed on Friday's show
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