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Some things men do differently from women

I've been thinking about this because I think about things in my spare time and I have more spare time than most people can ever dream of. If you have the spare time to read this, I'm shocked. I have the spare time to read the complete works of Shakespeare once a week. And go fishing twice.
I have a very minor young guy who isn't flat broke problem on my hands. It concerns my free time.
I have a vacation coming up in a few weeks. Once again, I can't figure out where I want to go or what I want to do with myself for that week I don't have to work. I have a truck, myself, and I can go anywhere. I can do anything I want that week.
So, naturally, I struggle to figure it out given the infinite number of possibilities for my leisure week.
I see the girls I know on Facebook. They take vacations together when they are single. Men operate a little differently. We'll go off for a weekend, but we know better than to spend a week straight with our buddies because we wind up temporarily hating them when we do that. You ladies, though. Y'all can go to the beach for a week, on a cruise together. Pretty much anywhere you wanna go, and you always have friends who want to do it with you.
For a single man, what is a vacation? You're gonna go try to meet women, and you might get lucky one or two nights, which is still pretty lame since you've been on the prowl for the better part of a solid week. You're gonna drink. Probably a lot. You're gonna sleep a lot. You're gonna eat by yourself at bars. It's what we do as men.
Last time I had a week off, I never decided where to go, so I spent the week in Greenville doing pretty much the same thing I would've done had I gone somewhere else. I guess Hedonism is the answer, but the nudist colony in Chesnee is more in my price range.

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07/15/2012 10:00PM
Some things men do differently from women
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