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Matthew "Mattman" Harris

Satan snake

What a week for nudity! Anthony Weiner, what's up man? Actually, don't answer that we already know. At first of course he denied it, then finally admits that was his junk in the Twitter pics. At first though he claimed he was hacked. something similar happened to me earlier on my Twitter http://twitter.com/OhMaffew and yes I claimed I was hacked, just to show people how stupid it is when a celeb or even a politician make these claims. But before Captain Weiner, "Gossip Girl" star Blake Lively had about 6 nudes hit the internet. Sweet sweet Blake still claims it's not her in those pictures. It's weird, it's her in the pictures. And they're real good. Better than the Rhianna nudes that got "hacked" and I was a fan of those. I would link to the Blake Lively pics but the Web Nazi Tracy West doesn't like when we link to porn, so just Google image search "Blake Lively cellphone pics" and they're you go. I liked her before, I like her a lot more now. And it's not just because she's using an AT&T iPhone. she's a grown ass woman, Weiner is a grown ass man. Yet, they and the rest of society act like kids when it comes to nudity. I hate you Satan snake! If it wasn't for Satan snake, Adam and Eve wouldn't have noticed they were naked and we could all be naked. Damn you to hell Satan snake! I propose a Facebook type network, whereas all individuals over the age of 18 must be photographed naked and uploaded to a profile. Here's why. If a celebrity or a politician or your husband or your grandma gets caught sending out nudes, they can't deny it. We could all log in to this website and see for ourselves. Charge $9.99 a month to be able to look through the pics and put that money toward all the money we owe China. Sure, we'd all be pornstars essentially but if you fly in an airplane you're already getting felt up like a hooker, if we're getting screwed at LEAST we can pay off this deficit. And yes I'd gladly take a nude for the site, I'll sign up right after Kimberly Kelly does.

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06/09/2011 10:40AM
Satan snake
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