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Well last weekend was Super Bowl Weekend with the New Orleans Saints winning their first ever Super Bowl as they defeated Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts at Super Bowl XLIV! Kicking off the weekend, I went to a movie with Rebecca since she was in town as we saw The Lovely Bones directed by Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson.  The film is a very surrealistic look at the afterlife of a teenage girl who was murdered and how she tries to reach out to her family after her death.  Not a bad film that has some very touching moments.  A good alternative to a chick flick for a date movie. The Lovely Bones  m/  m/  m/  n Saturday I met up with Danielle (P1 Yellbell) and her friend Brittany who were in town from Union to celebrate Brittany's 20th birthday.  We met and had dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse and then ran to Toys "R" Us to get a gift for Danielle's son Gavin for his second birthday which was the next day. I then had to leave the ladies to continue their celebration without the grace of my presence as I had a prior engagement as a judge of Mauldin High School's Battle of the Bands.  I normally don't agree to judge battle of the bands competitions because I don't like to show any sort of favoritism since I host Upstate Unsigned and a lot of them end up being popularity contests but I gotta say there were some pretty impressive musicians in the competition including young acoustic guitar prodigy Dakota Burwell and alternative rock groups THE RIGHTEOUS and SING SING 76. I slept in Sunday (again!) because I was just starting to fight off some sinus trouble which I am still dealing with as I am writing this though it hasn't been as bad as it could have been.  I stayed in until around 5 as I went to Joshua Scott's house for a great Mardi Gras styled Super Bowl party.  Being an unofficial company party, many Entercom employees came bringing goodies including our GM John Burkavage with his homemade chili and Chase Murphy with his famous cheese dip.  Granted this was on top of the Cajun styled food prepared by Mr. Scott including gumbo and roast beef po' boys!  Yeah I gained several pounds I am sure! Needless to say, a majority of the party attendees were rooting for the Saints as the second half of the game (especially the fourth quarter) was a bit of a riot!  Joshua even broke out some very good champagne as even I enjoyed it not being a fan of champagne myself. So the Saints took their very first Super Bowl as I got a little emotional as it was a Cinderella story of sorts for the franchise based out of New Orleans, a city still recovering from the ravages of Hurricane Katrina. And I am also relieved and pleased to announce that I just found out this morning that I will not be required to have surgery on the hernia I have developed in the past year or so!  Thank God!  I HATE hospitals!

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02/10/2010 9:15AM
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