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It's been awhile. I must say I'm excited about this NFL season, College not so much. I always find myself watching College Football but let's face it; too many teams across too many conferences. NFL seems simpler. But hey if it's sports, I'm usually good for watching it. I'm definitely glad my Red Sox won the World Series after the bad couple years they just had. I find myself busy this time of year with no signs of stopping but idle hands right? Gotta keep on keeping on. Check me out twitter.com/fatboy933 , facebook.com/fatboy933.

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Today's Motto; "Live By The Gun, Die By The Gun"

     I went to two Wal Mart's today and the computers were down, I actually got kicked out of one Wal Mart because they were closed, which I'm sure is the first time anybody has been kicked out of any Wal Mart EVER. So for breakfast I'm resorted to using the vending machine that procastronators here use when they are too late for work to go anywhere else. I remember once somebody saying, "We can't get any good breakfast, because places are not open when we have to come to work or the ones that are screw up orders and aren't good", to that person I say, get to work earlier James. Hope this isn't a sign of the times for the rest of the week. Sorry if you were expecting a Haiku Monday, I digress occasionally.
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Here's the "mini-vacation" summed up on my end. Sometimes you are dying to do something creative besides build inanimate objects out of your dog's food. Eeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh.

Hangover was great.
Weekend was too long for me.
Can't stop saying Eeeeeeehhhhhhhh.

We will see what next weekend holds, might be hard to top that one though.

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We just got back from Bike Week, can't wait to go back; the beach is definitely a great time. I'll try to sum up our trip in one, as you guessed it, Haiku. Or, as the ancient japanese would call it, a Haiiakauuudawasii

Myrtle is fun to do
Bikes were loud as hell to hear
I'm sick today damn.

I'm sure I botched the formula on that one but maybe I change the syllables now.
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It's back BITCHEZZZZZZZZZZZ, .... lol :

HAIKU MONDAY (THURSDAY VERSION).. Maybe I start doing these to reflect the current world views and or opinions; life's an experiment right?

Some people hate guns
Get abackground check
Don't shoot me

Seriously if you have a gun don't shoot me.
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Welcome back to another edition of Haiku Monday. If you haven't noticed by now, "Haiku Monday" is a celebration of my life events as of the recent with a little bit of "comedy" mixed in; enjoy.

Wrestling was Friday
Got beat up bad but we won
Saw raging bull naked.
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Welcome; Haiku Monday returns after a brief hiatus. I hope you all are excited as I am.

Super Bowl was fun
Football is over for now
Thank God for that.

Super Bowl wasn't a bad game, ready for baseball season though.
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Hope all of you reading this, two people including me, had a great weekend. Seeing how next Monday the 21st is a company holiday, I will still leave you with only one great Haiku this week and nothing next week. I know it's cruel but the world is a filthy bitch sometimes so enjoy.

I see your Mother
She smells like a fart.
Jeff is gay.
Now I know the last part doesn't meet the 5-7-5 requirement, but I thought I would throw that out there nonetheless to remind people of the AIDS epidemic that this country faces on a daily basis, especially at 25 Garlington Rd in Greenville. I tell Jeff just like the dude on the first Real World use to say, "I'm not a man dying from AIDS, I'm a man living with AIDS" . Glass half full everybody, half full.
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I know you are excited for the second installment of "Haiku Monday", so I will keep you waiting no longer...

Our office is great
We write funny stuff there
U wanna blank?

I hope you all have a good week, feel free to submit your Haiku for Haiku Monday, as I think it will be the sensation sweeping the nation a la "Chalk Talk Radio"
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I thought that with the new year, I would start a new tradition weekly for your viewing pleasure. Haiku's are all the rage now and what better way to enrich your blogging experience, than with a weekly Haiku from me, enjoy:

The bird flies alone
Right inside of jeff's rectum
Bird blows fart bubbles.

This will be fun, feel free to add your own, Happy New Year sluts.
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