Twisted Todd
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Twisted Todd


I love gig weekends!  Thankfully this time our show was on Saturday so I didn't have to break my neck getting to the venue from the station.  Friday night ended up being somewhat of a 'date night' for me and Tessa as we set out to do dinner and a movie.  We started off by going to Metro Burger for the first time since we both wanted to try it out.  I had been wanting to try their "Hurt So Good" burger I saw Tyler from SIX AND TWENTY eating one one day down in the promotions department.  This thing is an entire cheeseburger dipped in funnel cake batter and fried!  Care to see the look on my face when it landed in front of me?!

I am pleased to announce that I survived!  Otherwise I would be writing this blog posthumously!  However, I WILL say that it took it's toll on my bowels the next day which thankfully I remedied before taking the stage at the Handlebar!

When we got to the venue, the sound guy allowed us to go ahead and backline our equipment since we were playing last.  This was extrememly advantageous for us since Ray's kit is HUGE!


After we got set up, DECADENCE set up their drum kit and their gear to get ready to start the show at 8.  After DECADENCE, FINGER OF SPEECH took to the stage followed by FACES UNTURNED.  Each band roared for roughly 45 minutes each then it was our turn right at 11.

Our set started strong with our intro into "Inside I Die" then running into "Loose Nooses".  Somewhere after that point, I started struggling with gripping my pick again.  However, I held on better than I did the first show although I ended making a couple of pretty bad flubs which thankfully no one other than my bandmates were aware of!


I managed to get myself back together and rocking out proper when we hit our last two songs "Push Me Down" and our new tune "Dirtbag" which is easily a band favorite!  I still have a lot of work to do to get myself back in full swing since I haven't played a live show with a band of this ferocity since I last worked with Moon in DEAD AT DAWN five years ago!  But, since this was only our second show, I have high hopes of getting my groove back....even if I don't get my HAIR back!

07/16/2012 9:16PM
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