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Real American

This morning on the Rise Guys we were talking about Hulk Hogan ’a appearance on Fox and Friends. The story was about Hogan not buying into the “Obamamania” anymore. Hogan said that he voted for Obama., yet the fact the nothing has changed in the Counrty since Obama had has been President, now he has had a change of heart. Hogan also said ,that he was bothered that Obama use his theme song, “Real American" to make his entrance at the White House Correspondents Dinner last year. Hogan kind of Joked about running for President himself. I said that wrestlers are obnoxious. Jesse Ventura did not set the mold for wrestlers. He was a Navy Seal before he was a wrestler. Nine agreed with me. Jeff Lewis Neal took it personally. It wasn’t about JLN. It was about wrestlers. What is it about wrestling that makes someone more American or more heroic than any other people in entertainment. Its fake. They are not heroes. (divorce, drugs and steroid use). Give me a break! I did not vote for President Obama. I voted for John McCain, whom I think is real American Hero. I think Sara Palin cost him the election. The two of them seemed out of touch with their speeches and their rhetoric. Obama gave some people hope for change. I think it was too idealistic. All branches of the Government need to cooperated to effectively have change in this Country. I don’t think that everything going on with our government is entirely Obama’s fault. I think the problem is that our government has operated with really bad foreign and economic policies. With every election, both parties are guilty of lying to the American people. Too many people have lost their jobs, and their homes. America needs a real leader. Someone who will be taken seriously.

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10/18/2011 1:11PM
Real American
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