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Matthew "Mattman" Harris

full of those little pills

Too many people and not enough room.  That's what I think and guess what it's the truth.  NYC schools are giving out the morning after pill to students.  They don't even have to tell their parents UNLESS the parents opted out.  I have a daughter and on one hand you have to let the parents be parents.  And they're not.  And haven't been for a while.  Not that my parents were bad but they never told me anything about sex.  Nothing.  And when Sex Ed class papers were sent out they opted out.  Yet they didn't tell me either.  I found out through porn.  And lemme tell you, that is not the way to find out.  You feel very inadequate.  But I did pick up a lot of pointers.  Kids are gonna have sex.  They just are.  Your parents did.  So are the Morning After pills ok?  I say yes, load those back packs, Trapper Keepers, and Rainbow Sandals full of those little pills.  Just don't tell my momma I said that.  What up Mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



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09/24/2012 8:34PM
full of those little pills
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