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I had to go get blood work done first thing this morning since I have a physical coming up in two weeks.  My doctor requires his patients to fast for at least 14 hours before having our blood drawn so I hadn't eaten since around 7:30 last night when I got home from work.

When I got in and the lady started to draw blood, my vein went flat and didn't give any blood which is weird because I normally have really good veins.  It became apparent that I must not have drank enough water because she stuck a second vein in my right arm before trying one in my left arm (yes, she had to stick me three times before getting any blood!).

As the blood started to flow, I began to get lightheaded and she could tell my color was draining.  She got me some fudge stripe cookies and some water but I still ended up throwing up and nearly passing out.  After vomiting, I finally started to feel better but it still sucked that I had to barf considering I haven't puked in 10 years!

It's so strange that I had that happen while giving blood because I have never had that happen before except one time when I was sick in college and hadn't eaten in some time and had blood drawn then was handed a cup to urinate in.  Like a genius, I tried to stand up to pee and nearly fainted and almost dry heaved.

Our best guess is that the incident is attributed to the fact that I did not drink enough water last night and this morning.  Needless to say, I doubt I will ever forget to drink PLENTY of water from here on when fasting before getting blood work done!

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10/13/2011 11:02AM
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