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If any one word could describe this past weekend, it would be CRAZY!!!  Friday night when I got off the air I went to do some shopping at the Haywood Mall since I had just got paid the day before.  I went to Hot Topic to check out what they had in clearance only to discover they had no clearance since they had to make room for Halloween items.  Disappointed, I continued to roam the mall hitting stores here and there but coming up empty. After stopping by GameStop, I remembered I had a $5 Reward Zone certificate for Best Buy so I hauled ass over there before they closed since it was already 8:40.  I got there just in time and picked a copy of Lego Batman for PS3 since I have both Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones.  I sat up late playing the game and crashed on the couch only to wake up and head to bed around 5 am. When I got up later Saturday morning I just sat around playing my new game until it was time to get ready to go announce at the Upstate Roller Girl Evolution invitational PIRATES vs. NINJAS.  I met Ogre there and we teamed up as announcers for the event.  I had announced for the Reedy River Roller Girls a couple of years before but Ogre was new to the game but we played off each other as we usually do on Upstate Unsigned.  It was fun and we both look forward to announcing future bouts. After the bout, Rebecca met up with me and we stopped by the URGE after party at the Caddy Shack on Haywood Rd then went and grabbed dinner at Beef O'Brady's. The next day Rebecca and I went to Hollywood 20 for a matinee double feature.  We first caught the new underground horror sensation Paranormal Activity which was made for 15 thousand dollars and is reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project.  This film, however, centers around a couple who is stalked by a demon in their own house.  Like Blair Witch, the entire film is shot from a camera purchased by the guy and captures absolutely terrifying footage as it is left running in the bedroom while the couple sleeps.  Honestly, there are images from the movie I cannot get out of my head as I am writing this and will, undoubtedly, make sleeping alone difficult for a while! Paranormal Activity  m/  m/  m/  m/  n To help ward off the effects of the fear instilled in us from the first film, we went to see Zombieland, the dark horror comedy starring Woody Harrelson as a badass who 'leads' a band of survivors in a zombie apocalypse.  The film wasn't quite what I was expecting but then again what else could I have expected?  It was a fun ride with little plot to choke on and even a tragic encounter with Bill himself!  Interesting to say the very least! Zombieland  m/  m/  m/  n After the double feature, Rebecca and I had to take off for Charlotte to see METALLICA at the Time Warner Cable Arena.  We got there just in time for LAMB OF GOD to hit the stage and do their thing before the heaviest band in the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame took over for the rest of the evening. METALLICA started up shortly after 9 and played a couple of songs off their new disc Death Magnetic and then ran through songs from their first four albums.  They played for nearly two and a half hours covering a lot of ground including obscure songs such as "Phantom Lord" from Kill 'Em All and even a MOTORHEAD cover.  I also don't recall them playing anything from Load, Reload or St. Anger which is NOT a complaint in the slightest! At the end of the set they finished with "Seek and Destroy" while huge black beach balls with their logo on them fell from the ceiling.  They then began throwing out sticks and picks and I nabbed a James Hetfield autographed pick that Kirk Hammett was tossing into the audience. We didn't hit the road until about midnight and didn't get home until about 3 am after making a pit stop at a Denny's Diner along the way.  Which means my ass is beat and I'm ready to go home!

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10/19/2009 4:55PM
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