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This week the figures were released that proved the fact that the rich are getting richer in this Country, while he poor are getting poorer.The top 1% of households earned 275% more in 2007 than they did in 1979, while the poor saw just an 18% increase, according to a study by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.
The 1% have all the money and make all this decisions. The 1% are making the decsions for the 99% of the populaton. We have to discussed the Ocuppy Wall Street protestors on the Rise Guys Morning Show. The Guys didn't understand why people are protesting.  Often, I get  calls from  P1s that have lost their jobs. " Please play me a song, because I am feeling down ."  I have heard every hard luck story you can imagine.  I guess I was suprised that I had friends that went to a protest.  I have friends that live in the Bay Area. Its seems that everyone was shocked after a Marine was hurt at the Oakland Occupy Wall Street protest. Scott Olsen is the Marine veteran, who won medals in Iraq, has become a rallying cry for the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators across the nation, with Twitter users and protest websites declaring, "We are all Scott Olsen", Iraq War Veteran who was seriously injured during a protest clash with police in California as some occupy encampments held out against orders from authorities to abandon sites in parks and plazas. Last night the candle lite vigils were held in Scott's honor. A crowd of at least 1,000 people, many holding candles, gathered Thursday night in Oakland in honor of 24-year-old Scott Olsen who is hospitalized with a fractured skull. The occupy Wall Street folks maybe needed a rally cry. A focus to proceed and grow.  It is a worldwide protest that grows everyday.  Why is everyone protesting? People are frustrated with corporate greed in this country. People are frustrated that they are losing their jobs and their homes.

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10/28/2011 2:29PM
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