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Twisted Todd


It was just one of those weekends you just couldn't make up!  I got home Friday night and the little lady and I watched The Raven with John Cusack since it had just come in from Netflix.  Ironically, this was just two evenings before the Ravens of Baltimore were crowned world champions by the NFL.  Unlike the football team, the performance of the film was quite lackluster especially in the bar scene shortly after the start of the film when Sir Poe is trying to get some respect from the patrons.  Never really thought of Edgar Allan Poe as an attention-seeking glory hound.  The story wasn't bad as I actually learned a few things about the legendary writer that I never knew like the mystery surrounding his death.  I had always thought he was just a depressed guy who died from a broken heart assisted by booze.  Not bad for those curious.

Saturday I ran by Borderlands Comics since they were having their annual storewide sale.  I managed to stock up some items I had been wanting for some time now like a Death Star ice cube mold,


an X-Wing ice tray (to attack the icy Death Star)


and a zombie Pac-Man t-shirt!

Needless to say, I have a new favorite t-shirt which I am wearing as I type this and I wore it out to the Radio Room Saturday night to see my best friend Kenny's band STRANGE PLANET!  It was great seeing them with a full line-up with their new bassist who was rocking a badass Rickenbacker!

After the show, the boys came back to the house to crash for the night.  We then all made a run to Waffle House the next morning before the gang made their way back to Atlanta.

That evening I made some tasty snacks to gorge on while watching the Super Bowl like Tessa's unique recipe for queso dip!

That reminds me, I've since got some leftover in the fridge!  NOM!!!!

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02/05/2013 1:41PM
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02/05/2013 2:30PM
Tessa's unique recipe for queso dip!
whats in it!!!! please let me know!! hilloryk@yahoo.com!!! looks great!!!
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