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So i've taken a couple of days since the beginning of this nascar season, the daytona 500 which is the super bowl of racing and its at the beginning of the season, to state my opinions on this subject.  The way nascar week in and week out can draw close to 200,000 fans a race is very spectacular. Drvers such as Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt Sr, Mark Martin, Ricky Rudd, Jimmy Spencer and others have cemented their place in the history of nascar and well deserved.  The major companies that come out to sponsor cars for the drivers such as budweiser, winston, pepsi, coke, among others have proven that nascar is without question a big money making business.  But personally I just dont get it.  I personally cant sit through a 3 to 4 hour race and focus on whats going on and watch them drive around in a circle.  Ive been to nascar races before and yes it is an event that is exciting at first and then the race starts.  The only thing I wait for in a nascar race is the accidents.  They are also classified as athletes.  Athletes? Lets compare the Nascar "athletes" to lets say the NFL Athletes.  In money revenue each year The nfl has an annual revenue of $5 Billion and has an 8 year TV contract worth $17.6 Billion as to where Nascar has an annual revenue of $3 Billion and the TV contract is worth $473 Million a year. Nascar goes for 36 weekends, 38 if you include the budshootout and the allstar race as to where the NFL goes 17 weeks plus preseason and playoffs and has 15-16 games a week making somewhere over 600 games for the year.  Its apparent that NFL has better athletes than nascar "athletes".  Just my opinion I could be wrong and thats through the eyes of lewis.


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02/29/2012 2:49PM
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