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Twisted Todd


Well this has certainly been an interesting week thus far.  At least I had a good weekend as Tessa and I took our moms and my mom's friend, Janice out to the Greenville Road Warriors hockey game at Bon Secours Wellness Arena.  My mom had never been to a hockey game so she had a ball as we all did.  I think we are going to have to make a more frequent occasion of this!

On Monday, I was saddened by the news of the passing of Dave Brockie better known as Oderus Urungus, frontman of the notorious shock rock band Gwar.  I am, however, thankful that I did get to attend at least one Gwar show and that was just last April at the Handlebar.  Having heard to great detail about the abundant amount of fake bodily fluids that get sprayed and splattered about at one of their shows, I did my best to stay at one side of the stage in order to avoid getting soaked.  Despite my attempt to stay dry, it was Oderus himself who spotted my group of relatively dry soon-to-be-victims of his bountiful green demon semen which gushed from his oversized codpiece.  As reluctant as I was to get soaked with the green colored liquid, I am now grateful and honored.  RIP ODERUS!


Yesterday as I got to work, I ran into Nine in the stairwell who asked if I had heard that morning's show to which I replied that I had not.  He then told me that there was a bit involving me and how I was, apparently, a prick.

Needless to say, as soon as I turned on my computer, I was pulling up the audio before FatBoy even had the podcast up.  The bit centered around an email from a listener who had asked me for a song request which was a song that we do not play.  As I am with most listeners who ask for left of center requests, I informed them that we do not play it.  As with some who get news that their request is not 'up to snuff', they got offended so therefore, for being honest, I am a prick.

With the reading of the email, phone calls and texts (all of which I read) followed, 70 to 80% of which were negative and featured some stories about me that were not exactly accurate.  One caller claimed that I was booed off stage at a Megadeth show at Ground Zero in Spartanburg back in December 1999.  I honestly cannot remember if I was since I was just some weekend overnight jock at the time still in my rookie year.  However, I am fairly certain that I wasn't still holding a grudge years later as the caller claimed.

Another caller even said that I went off on him for spilling beer on me at the Evanescence show at Littlejohn Coliseum in Clemson back in January 2012.  I don't even remember the incident but, again, I am fairly certain that I would not have yelled at the guy for an accident.  I asked my wife if she remembered the incident and she said she did and confirmed that I did, in fact, keep my composure.  She, on the other hand, said she shot the guy a nasty look.  I suppose had the guy spilt beer on my wife, I might would have been quite a bit more aggressive.

No matter how hard I strive to be a nice guy when dealing with people in the public eye, I am still going to be deemed a prick.  So, with that in mind, what's the point of trying?  It is much easier to just be a prick and save myself the futile effort of being the 'nice guy'.  Make it so.  Oderus would be proud.

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03/26/2014 11:59AM
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03/26/2014 2:36PM
Knowing you both on and off the radio (through extensive roller derby! We miss you!!) I can honestly say, if you are a pri*k to anyone, they deserved it. You are kind and honest person that gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. You have a wonderfully dry sense of humor that I love. Rock on TT we loyal fans love you!!! Premeditated Violets#620 Greenville Derby Dames
03/26/2014 2:49PM
03/26/2014 3:07PM
I heard this on the rewind and was like, "What?! I've seen Todd multiple times and he's been ultra chill." He even judged a battle of the bands my band was in when the drummer was a senior in high school. I saw him at a Slavedriver show and at Rocktoberfest V and he carried on a conversation for a while. His wife is just as chill. You're awesome, Todd, keep it up.
03/26/2014 3:55PM
Don't sweat them. There are people out there who aren't happy unless they're complaining. To change to being a pr**k, is letting them win.
03/26/2014 4:52PM
Shannon B. thinks people are wrong
People are haters listen to you and the rise guys every day, always are awesome when we call in! Thanks T.T it's not easy doing the job you guys have. Can't make everyone happy all the time! But you've made me happy for years while I'm grinding away at work
04/01/2014 12:48AM
And thats why I dont listen to your show
the negative way you approach things is a turn off to a lot of people. Instead of just refusing to play a song that's not normally played why not say something like we currently don't have that song/artist/whatever in our studios but i will pass it on and see if we can have it for a future show. Cause when people ask for new stuff its cause it seems like your station only plays like 20 songs all day over and over again. That gets old fast. I'd love to hear Kamalot , Epica, etc played on y'alls station. It seems Your station will only play a small list of songs that you beat to death. I know I wouldn't be good in your job cause unlike with you just having a face for radio, I have a voice for silent films lol
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