Matthew "Mattman" Harris

My nerves were shot

I'm no longer a virgin.  A paintball virgin, that is.  On Friday's show I took my first on air paintballs shots.  I got shot twice, once in the gut, the other on the side of my neck.  I don't know anything about the gun, but it hurt like hell.  My nerves were shot.  JLN and I were blindfolded playing "Rock, Paper, Paintball."  Imagine playing Rock, Paper, Scissors blindfolded and knowing if you lose you're gonna get shot.  But you don't know what your opponent threw.  Again my nerves were shot.  JLN took a shot to the knee and it didn't bust.  Was it frozen?  The ball was nowhere to be found.  On the final throw JLN lost and he got shot at least thwice by some other gunmen.  He was pissed and I would have been too.  He gets crapped on every day on the show and he got taken advantage of again.  That's between him, Nine, and FatBoy.  I believe he and Nine have buried their hatchet so we shall see.  And we shall.  Here's the video of my virgin performance.  My nerves were shot.


04/08/2012 9:50PM
My nerves were shot
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