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My brief opinion on healthcare

Now, this is all just my opinion. I am most certainly the little man in this scheme we have here in America. I fall into that category. I don't control any wealth to speak of. I don't have anyone depending on me. Little man.
I see a lot of other people in my boat and some in dingys and paddle boats and row boats and even floating on headboards - who seem all too content with throwing their money at passing cruise ships without getting so much as a tow, let alone an actual ride.
No buffets and 24 hour cheeseburger service. No casino and no waterslides. No swimming pools and no comedy shows. No concerts, no shopping, no ports of call. Just throwing money at passing cruise liners for a chance to ride their wake and hope you don't tip over from it.
Talk about paying for cheap thrills. Why are we throwing money at the cruise liners so they can constantly threaten to tip our little vessels over and dump us out in shark-infested waters? Why in the hell do we encourage them? Not that we allow them. We actively encourage them.
We're the people who wind up in prison, march straight to the showers, bend over, and ring the damn dinner bell for all the boys in cell block C who haven't seen a woman since Clinton was president. We aren't about to resist. We're begging for it. We're handing out numbers and welcoming all comers. We allow them to illegally immigrate all up in our stuff, if you will. Given the option to resist or do something about it, what do we say? We say, "No way, man, I don't want to change a thing. You know, I'm getting screwed here, but at least they throw me their leftovers as long as I let them have their way with me. Sure, sometimes it seems like I might starve, but every time I think I'm about out of the game, a bread crust or a broccoli stem appears like manna from heaven and all is well."
That's how I view healthcare in America. Not many people would be so extreme in their views, but let's look at how it is. Big business has been winning forever. You have private hospitals who make tons of money because they only see people who are insured. On the other hand, you have public hospitals, like Spartanburg Regional or AnMed or GHS - places that don't turn people away from the ER. Places that save lives. Doctors and nurses who administer life-saving healthcare all the time - and never get paid for it. Sure, the doctors and nurses collect their salaries, but the facilities themselves fall into disrepair and always lack the needed equipment to get by. Because people simply can't pay the outrageous bills being sent to them every month.
I certainly don't blame anyone who doesn't have a quarter million dollars set aside for a long-term illness. I've never even made that amount of money in my life. If you totaled every dollar I've ever made, it's less than that. I'm sure some other people can identify with that.
So, an opportunity comes along to do something good for yourself, but because it's also good for your neighbor, you don't want to do it? A chance comes along to do something good for your neighbor, even if you already have insurance...But you don't take it, because why in hell would you help out anyone else? That certainly isn't what America was built on. We talk about what it was built on, but a bunch of bickering idiots certainly didn't revolt against England's crown and win a nation of their own. If we were in that situation today, we'd be throwing what money we have left at the redcoats hoping they'd like us enough to shoot us first.
Railing against healthcare is railing against yourself. It's saying you want big business to continue taking advantage of you, the people providing healthcare in your community, your friends, your neighbors, your family, and everyone in your community. It isn't even about being selfish. It's simply a matter of doing what's right by someone else or acting like a dick because you're greedy.
You aren't being told what to do. You're being given the easiest possible avenue for achieving something you should be able to achieve. You're doing something about America's lagging healthcare statistics. You're ultimately taking a step towards returning America to where it was 20 years ago, and where you still think it is in your mind.
Years ago, we were tops in education. Tops in healthcare. Tops in everything. Do you know why? Because all of Europe had been destroyed by two world wars and the rest of the world was a bit slower developing. Where are we now?
Now that infrastructure has developed globally, we lag in education. We've fallen behind in healthcare. We've sold out all our manufacturing for pennies on the dollar. We're slowly beginning to lag in technology. What's next? Do we keep up the downward slope while pretending things are as good as they were when we were kids, or do we stand like adults and try to fix what's gone wrong?
If you have pride in America rather than fear of the unknown, you'll do what your grandparents did and stand up for America. You'll do what they did and stand up for someone besides yourself.
What do you think World War 2 was even about? No one was attacking us (except Japan) but we still went into that European theater because someone else was being done wrong, and we did what was right.
We stood strong against Japan when they attacked us, but we stood just as strong against the Nazis when they attacked our friends and neighbors.
And like a Biblical parable, we have now so taken for granted the luxuries afforded us by our grandparents that we dont even want what's best for us - unless we can screw someone else over in the process.
In my own personal opinion, if you're against the thought of healthcare for everyone, you'd best think twice the next time you call America a Christian nation. Unless being Christian has changed. Does it mean you're greedy, you don't help others, and you put yourself ahead of the rest of the class? Does it mean you are unwilling to sacrifice for someone in need? If you want to dictate policy and morality, don't do it in the name of Jesus and think no one is going to call you out for your hypocricy. Don't think no one is going to notice. Spend less time reading the drudge report and more time reading your bible and maybe you'll understand that Rush Limbaugh doesn't necessarily speak for Jesus.

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06/28/2012 6:54PM
My brief opinion on healthcare
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08/18/2012 1:26PM
No healthcare
I agree with you almost 100%. Problem is in our society today that there IS no healthcare. There is only sick-care. Actual health care involves comprehensive preventative measures to insure you stay healthy, and never get sick in the first place. This is minimal in our current system. It's the society we have been raised in that keeps us conditioned the way we are, complacent and compliant, allowing the banks and the religious Right to bully their way to the top, all the while stepping on us to do so, and hiding behind the laws they forced into effect to protect themselves. All humans are products of their environment, so it's not a surprise that so many people just accept what they are given. It's how they were raised. Kids adopt the religion of their parents, parents adopt the political views of their own parents, and everyone on the planet believes that we need money to function as a society. Now, I'm an atheist, so I have my own reasons for being a decent person, i.e. logic, but it surprises me sometimes at the magnitude of hypocritical behavior exhibited by so-called Christians. The Lord's Prayer says "Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven." There is no money in Heaven. No businesses, no private property laws, no banks, no debt. Why not here? Because the churches make way too much money to give it up. You have the same people preaching Leviticus as their excuse for denying gay rights also eating bacon, wearing clothes of different fibers, shaving, and making an average of $124,000 a year tax-free. The church's only contribution to healthcare has been to try as hard as they can to ban condoms in the most AIDS infected country in the world. Because AIDS may be bad, as a disease, very bad, but not quite as bad or immoral in the same way as condoms. Right. What needs to happen is for us to take stock of the resources we have available on this planet, and then use them in the most productive way possible to help the highest number of people possible in the greatest way possible. We have had the technology since the 60s to feed, clothe, house, educate and care for everyone on the planet for free. The only reason it doesn't get done is because money exists. There are many, many times more resources on the planet than there is money to pay for them, aside from the fact that because interest exists, there isn't enough money in the world to pay off all the debts. The money owed back to the banks will always be more than the total supply of money in existence. Most people don't realize that.
08/18/2012 1:32PM
Resource-based economy
Do some research. The Venus Project at thevenusproject.com is the best place to start. Also look up the Zeitgeist Movement.
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