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Mi Papa

What if you are having a tabu relationship and you didn't even know it. Could you marry your Brother or Sister? 
Turns out that a couple who is married with children recently found out they are BROTHER AND SISTER.
They met in college and found they had much in common – they were both raised by lesbian parents and neither knew their father, who was a donor at a sperm bank.
The problem with this is that the sperm donor father was the same person, so now they are husband, wife ... sister and brother  I could not imagine how I would fell.  Because of the tabu of incest, I could not continue to be married .

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02/26/2013 7:19AM
Mi Papa
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02/28/2013 11:03AM
Mi Papa
I bet there are a ton of people with this situation. Think of all the married cheaters in towns that mess around and leave. These innocent children grow up and find love. Maybe DNA testing should be preformed before marriage. It seems quite different than a family of children that were raised together and knew. And then even then, you gotta wonder what transpires in that family dynamics to have that happen. Remember, little brains are to cared about not wrecked . It wouldn't be their fault. So don't throw stones!
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