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Maffew the fairweather fan

I caught a lot of crap from people today about my dislike for Major League Baseball.  I USED to be a fan.  Before the strike in 1995 occured, I was about the most passionate baseball fan you would find.  I knew about Abner Doubleday, Murderer's Row, Big Six, and Shoeless Joe.  I knew all the stats, World Series champs, silver sluggers, etc etc etc.  I collected baseball cards, I went to games, then it just ended. I played little league baseball for San Souci-I played first base.  Growing up baseball was my life.  And at 20 I turned my back on the game because it turned it's back on me.  These guys I looked up to were fighting over money.  It's a game but yeah it's a job.  I was in college just about to start this radio chapter of my life and I said to hell with it. I tried to get back into when McGwire and Sosa were chasing Roger Maris.  It was like being a kid in 1961 when Maris and Mickey Mantle were chasing Babe Ruth's 60 homeruns in a season that he hit in 1927.  I couldn't do it.  I tried.  On top of all that, the steroids.  I was done and still am.  To hell with baseball.  The NFL is where it's at.  I'll pull for the Braves yes and if that makes me a fairweather baseball fan then so be it.  I always will stick with my teams unlike FATBOY who has switched NFL teams 4 times in 5 years. Tickle it pissies! -Maffew

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03/31/2011 6:18AM
Maffew the fairweather fan
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