Nights with Diesel
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Matthew "Mattman" Harris

Maffew's Secret

I had a pretty interesting conversation with my hot ass girlfriend Katie.  I typically sleep at night wearing a wifebeater and boxers.  I joke on the show that I sleep naked, but I don't.  I'm a puss-I get cold.  I blame it on the diabetes.  Now save your gay jokes, but Katie was getting dressed for bed and put on a little night gown deal.  I made the mistake of telling her that I think sleeping in a night gown has to be pretty comfortable.  Dudes back in the old days wore night gowns.  Of course they also wore those weird ass hats affectionately referred to as stocking caps in Christmas stories.  She laughed at me and may or may not have called me a slur of some kind.  Whatever.  I wasn't talking about something silky or see-through or pastel in color.  It could be a camo gown or one emblazoned with your favorite team and mine, The Fighting Gamecocks of South Carolina.  I'm gonna get one and you can call me whatever you want, it'll be comfy as hell.  Besides if you wear a t-shirt to bed then you're wearing a mini gown so GFY. Are you on Twitter?  I am.  Follow mine ass: Jew see me on Scene On 7 with the hot Kimberly Kelly.  I debuted my Zombie tux:

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06/17/2011 1:56PM
Maffew's Secret
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