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So, according to the Mayans (or according to senseless predictions based on the Mayan calendar), we are on the eve of global destruction by numerous equally ridiculous means.  If these predictions, as ludicrous as they may be, do prove to be true, then all this holiday cheer will quickly come to a screeching halt and all our holiday shopping will have been for naught.  Which sucks because I cannot wait for my fiancee to open her gifts on Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas cheer and shopping, Tessa and I did plenty of both this past weekend.  I went by Best Buy to pick up some holiday films including the Peanuts Holiday Collection and Scrooged starring Bill Murray since Tessa had never seen it.  We also hit up the Roper Mountain Holiday Lights and actually parked and walked it this year before driving the rest of the way through.


On Sunday we visited Mauldin United Methodist Church for the first time and caught their Christmas Cantata service.  After the service we wrapped up a majority of our Christmas shopping then caught the last half of the game where her Saints were completely shutting my Bucs out.  We then squeezed in a viewing of Scrooged then went to catch an evening showing of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  We watched it in the High Frame Rate 3D and I honestly don't know how I feel about it.  I think Tessa really enjoyed it but I thought it looked like a high budget soap opera instead of a piece of cinema.  It looked too polished and pristine and not like real life - at least, not how I see real life.  However, it was a great film and I can't wait for The Desolation of Smaug!  If the world is still here to see it, that is!

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12/18/2012 1:50PM
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12/20/2012 12:55PM
you two are a super cute couple!! and well said, sir.
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