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Oh yes, it is time for my obligatory recap about the holiday weekend.  And so it begins with my review of the new mutant superhero flick X-Men: Days of Future Past which the Twisted Missus and I went to go see after work Friday night.  This film marks the return of director Bryan Singer to the franchise which he had abandoned to go and make that piece of crap we know as Superman Returns.  As a result, not only was Superman Returns a big steaming pile of cow dung but so was X-Men: The Last Stand so, in a sense, we can blame his decision to leave the franchise for resulting in two crappy movies.  Maybe I am being a little harsh considering that the third X-Men film at least had some redeeming qualities.

Anyways, my harsh criticism of Mr. Singer subsequently brings me to his ultimate act of redemption and triumphant return to the comic book franchise as he has turned in a far superior sequel that not only made up for but basically negated the third film that resulted from his departure.  He also managed to almost seamlessly merge the two eras of cinematic heroes and villains: the ones from the past and the ones from the present/future.  Not only that but, in true Marvel fashion, successfully teased the next installment of the franchise after the rolling of the credits.  It took damn near a decade to undo your bad decisions, Mr. Singer but, by George, you did it!  Well done, sir.  Well done.

The next day, the missus and I picked up my mom and went to Lowe's to get some mulch and other stuff to shape up the shrubs and flower beds in our front yard.  While we were there, I spied a Master Forge gas grill on sale and decided to buy it since we had no grill at home and no plans for any cookouts for Memorial Day.  After taking my mom back to get her car, we managed to fight and get the new mammoth grill into my car.

On Sunday, we met up with some friends and grabbed some dinner at Chili's while the skies decided to clear so we could go take in a round of miniature golf at Frankie's Fun Park.

On Memorial Day, my mom and Aunt Pat came to the house to help us get our yardwork done and to reap the sweet rewards of our new grill!  While spreading a couple of bags of mulch, I quickly came to the conclusion that the five bags we had purchased were not going to be nearly enough.  So, I sent my mom and the missus back to Lowe's to pick up 15 more bags of mulch.  After slinging nearly 20 bags of mulch myself, my ass is draggin'!

After work yesterday, Tessa and I went to Hollywood 20 for a sneak peek at the new Seth McFarlane flick A Million Ways to Die in the West.  The film is the second big screen venture for the comedic writer who, of course, is best known for the hit animated TV show Family Guy.  His first venture onto the big screen was Ted, a comedy about an animated potty-mouthed Teddy bear (think Pinocchio for adults).

As with Ted, this film is another R-rated comedy full of gross and lewd humor some of which serves just as shock value while some is genuinely funny for those of us that appreciate such vulgarity.  The film is also cast with some Hollywood A-listers such as Liam Neeson and Charlize Theron and is packed with more celebrity cameos than you can shake a stick at.  One of which has apparently been a heavily guarded secret since it hasn't even been credited with an 'uncredited' listing on IMDb so you'll have to go see it for yourself to find out who it is!  All I'll say is that they save it 'til the very end, before AND after the credits!

05/28/2014 11:22AM
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