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Over the weekend, the Twisted Missus and I, among other things which I won't bore you with the details of, went to go see the new Disney film Maleficent.  As you may have figured out already, it is a reimagining of the fairy tale "The Sleeping Beauty" but told from the point of view of the villain or 'alleged' villain.  The trailers make no attempt to hide the fact that the title character, played by Angelina Jolie who bears a striking resemblance to the villain of the animated version (also done made by Disney, I might add), is really just a misunderstood victim of betrayal bent on revenge.

With that in mind, the film becomes very predictable as you start to see the humane side of the once-thought-to-be coldhearted villain.  It even becomes clear of how the climax of the film is going to turn out but I am not going to spoil it for you but rather let you figure it out for yourself.  If you don't, then all the more surprised you will be when it comes.  I will say, however, that predictability isn't always a bad thing once the premise of a film is revealed and, as in this case, it was done early on in the marketing process of the film's release.  In a nutshell, if you are going in expecting to love the villain, you can, in good conscience, do so as it was the evident goal of the film. 

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06/04/2014 11:04AM
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