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Well, it's been a while, but here I am requesting another song.  I recently read that Metallica are doing a tour in which they will play the "Black Album" in its entirety...backwards!  This is cool because a lot of those songs towards the end of the album never get any airplay.  Hence my request:  The God That Failed.

While you're at it, wish me luck - I'm up for promotion to minimum-custody (green clothes) in June.  These a**holes have turned me down twice already.  I can only come up for review every six months.  I need my "greens" so I can strive for work release and build some capitol up for when I get out in 2016.  I've been "down" for over 5 years with zero infractions (no trouble) and I've worked for slave wages the whole time.  The powers that be said they turned me down because I have a violent crime.  But they steady pass this sh*t out to f*cking chesters!  All I did was run out of crack and rob a store.  C'mon!  Who hasn't done that before.

Later dude,
Prison Zack

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05/31/2012 12:12PM
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05/31/2012 12:22PM
this dude is so f'ing funny. p1 dwellingdemonic
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