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Twisted Todd


So, after an exhaustive weekend of either attending or participating in benefits for some very worthy causes, Karma decides to go and take a crap on me on St. Patty's Day.  Just my luck.

Before I get to the core of my bitching, I will first cover the weekend.  I had a Facebook friend ask for some help promoting a barrel race benefiting the Wonded Warrior Project.  Since I had St. Baldricks coming up the same weekend, there wasn't much I could do as all my on air and Facebook plugs would be to support that since I was actively involved.  However, I did agree to at least come out and support in person as an unofficial appearance of sorts.  So my wife and I made our way to Donalds, SC near Greenwood on Saturday.  Keep in mind that the entire weekend of St. Patrick's Day I wear my lovely $30 Party City kilt and matching plaid green fedora so I, of course, got a lot of interesting looks among a sea of cowboy hats and belt buckles!

Regardless of the looks and whispering gestures as well as the extremely corny country songs the DJ was spinning, I managed to enjoy the timed races and the terrific fair type foods like fried Oreos!  Not to mention the Twisted Missus got to see some baby cows and pet a few horses.  And they managed to raise over $3500 for the Wounded Warrior Project!

Sunday was St. Baldrick's so I threw my Irish garb back on and braved the considerably colder-than-the-previous-day's elements!


My good friend Blake was joining me and the Borderlands Comics and Games team this year for the first time as he had a TON of hair to cut much like I did my first year!  And, as did I my first year, he donated it to Locks of Love!



Before I got up to get shaved, Rob, the owner of Borderlands Comics and Games and by default the team leader, auctioned off his eyebrows while he was in the barber chair.  I had been considering it myself since I have to constantly manscape the cooky things but that made my mind up!  So auction them off I did!  And the money came pouring in: four twenties, four fives and three ones for a grand total of $103 on the spot and placed in my hand while I was in the chair!

After the event, many folks on the team went over to Local Cue for some food and drinks.  Tessa and I shared a build-it-yourself mac n cheese that had bacon and tomatoes in it as well as some wings and a BBQ chicken quesadilla!  We also had fun playing a game of giant Jenga that was handmade by using cut up 2x4s!  Props to Rob our team leader for paying for the food!

When Tessa and I got home, we were too tired to bother with any of our household chores (Sunday is usually laundry day so I wouldn't be sniffing my clothes too closely) so we rested the rest of the evening before going to bed and starting another work week.  We did, however, find time to play with my newly shaved eyebrows!


BTW, my wife has to close her eyes to kiss me now!  And, no, she didn't have to before, wiseass!

The next morning I had to go to the doctor for a follow-up to some blood work I had done recently.  The results weren't bad but my triglycerides have always been an issue for me as they are a bit high.  However, all things considered, I was pleased with the results as was my doctor who encouraged me to continue doing what I am doing in an effort to shed some more weight and get healthier.

When I got back into my car, I turned the ignition and nothing.  Since I had to hurry and get to work, I called Tessa and told her to come get me while I tinkered with the battery and froze my shamrocks off in my cheap ass kilt.  Later that evening before coming to get me from work, Tessa along with her grandmother and Aunt Cheryl tried to boost my car but to no avail.

After leaving my car at the doctor's office overnight, Tessa and I got up early this morning and went to Advance Auto Parts for some jumper cables and supplies to clean off the battery terminals which had some built up corrosion.  Then we jumped the car and it went!  So I drove it back to Advance Auto to get the battery itself tested and came to the conclusion that it was time for a new battery.

Now that I've got a new battery and my car appears to be running well (for now), I suppose I don't really have much to bitch about.  I guess it just bothered me to have had such crappy luck after a weekend of trying to do good.  Good thing I don't really believe in Karma in the first place.  I believe one should do good deeds with no goal in mind save that of the deed being done itself.

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03/18/2014 11:29AM
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