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Yeah I think I outdid myself on the title this time!  But, hey, it accurately sums up the weekend!

After work Friday, I had band practice followed by Tessa and I taking in the new Paranormal Activity film.  After the original, a part prequel/part sequel and an entire prequel, part 4 finally brings us up to date with what became of Katie and Hunter.  However, in answering some questions, others were brought up unanswered and only further confuses you with the very brief post-credits clip.  Part 5?!  Yeah, I think so!

Saturday morning we had every intention of hitting up some yard sales in the area to pick up some stuff for the new house however we ended up sleeping in an hour later than we had intended.  So, after breakfast and riding by a couple of already blown out yard sales, we decided to go to the Greenville Humane Society to find our Boston terrier, Vader a new playmate.  When we got there, Tessa quickly eyed a little Beagle/Australian shepherd mix named Ari so we took her into a private playroom and they bonded immediately.  So we adopted Ari and gave her a new home....AND a new name, Luna!


When we left the Humane Society, we took Luna with us to Lowe's so I could try to find us some manner of shelving for our living room to house our books, games, movies, etc.  We were shocked at how well behaved she was in the store and was equally mannered at PetSmart right afterwards.

We then brought her home to meet her new puppy brother but Tessa thought it would be best for them to meet on neutral ground so we decided to take them down to the pond at the entrance of our subdivision.  I dropped Tessa and Luna off as we pulled up then I went to the house to fetch Vader.  So far the two have gotten along swimmingly with Vader being a bit rough but easing off if Luna yelps.  Who knows, maybe we can eventually crate the two together....with their mommy as well!

Later that evening Tessa and I went out to The Rise Guys' Land of Evil on Highway 123 in Easley where I was broadcasting live.  There was a good turnout as folks were getting geared (or 'feared') up for Halloween!  Unfortunately we did not have time to run through the House of the Dead, the Haunted Mine nor the Trail of Terror because we had to get to Tracy the Web Nazi's "Old Hag" birthday party for a few before heading home at a decent hour so Tessa could get some sleep before work the next day.
While Tessa was at work, I relaxed but managed to get some yardwork done with Mom and Aunt Pat.  At least I can say I did SOMETHING productive this weekend!

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10/23/2012 2:50PM
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