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Tessa and I spent some time with the family on Saturday being it was her only day off this weekend.  Her mom came up to see the new house for the first time and brought us some stuff we can use and even took us out to pick up a few things for the house.

After she left, we went to meet my mom and Aunt Pat for an early birthday dinner for Mom.  Btw, today is actually her birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

We had dinner a little early since Mom and I both wanted to get home and catch our Gamecocks whoop the Bulldogs asses all the way back to Georgia!  #3 in the nation!'re NEXT!!!!

During dinner Aunt Pat and I got into a rather unlikely debate.  Politics.  Personally I am not big on politics but I do have an opinion although I prefer not to voice it often because well it's one of 'those' topics you just don't discuss.  I guess I must have been in an argumentative mood!

Now Aunt Pat has always been a Democrat whereas I have always leaned Republican.  However, Aunt Pat swears that Obama is a Muslim which may as well be a Satanist in her book!  I, on the other hand, have been turned off by our last president as well as this whole Tea Party crap.  Working in this building with a bunch of hardcore right wingers led by WORD who gives you your daily dose of Rush Limbaugh, I am appalled at how much people demonize Barack Obama.  Granted I am not crazy about the guy nor did I vote for him (I voted for Nader for lack of a better choice) but why do people hate the guy so much?

On the other hand, I personally think Mitt Romney is a snake.  This opinion has nothing to do with his political nor religious views but rather his character portrayed through his image and personality.  However, a majority of people I know and work with think he is a saint.  For this, I would like to see him get elected so they can see him for what he truly is.  Besides I have no qualms with moving to Canada!

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10/10/2012 2:37PM
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10/10/2012 3:27PM
Judging from your schizophrenic, poorly reasoned, babbling post - Canada is probably your best option.
10/11/2012 1:17AM
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Trolls are so funny.
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