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John Stamos would probably give her a 3

I touched on this on the show but I wanted to give my explanation further.  Last week I took Grace to one of our awesome parks here in the Upstate.  Not a lot of people there but she quickly made friends with this little girl.  She was a couple years younger than Grace, maybe 7 years old.  After about an hour and a half it was time to go.  As I called for Grace I noticed the mom of her new friend make her way over to the bench I was sitting on.  She said her little girl loved playing with Grace and doesn't have any kids in her subdivision to play with - would I like to arrange a playdate for the girls.  I agreed at the time and she handed me a card with her phone number on it.  As we drove away even my kid agreed it was weird that a stranger wanted to meet up again after just 90 minutes of playing at a park.  I agreed.  She's smart.  Like daddy. 

I mentioned this to Nine and he says the mom was just hitting on me.  I didn't notice a wedding ring but I never really looked for one either.  She was maybe a 7/10.  Maybe a 6.  John Stamos would probably give her a 3.  Now, while all that certainly strokes my ego I really don't think it was an attempt to blank me.  Her kid probably really has no friends.  Women love arranging playdates.  I know it.  But Grace and I aren't ready for a second date.  It's too soon.  As my daughter, wise beyond her years said, "Daddy they're like hey let's get married, and we're like hey...but me a drink first."


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02/28/2012 1:22PM
John Stamos would probably give her a 3
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